Liberals are leftists

The words that the left uses to disguise itself are liberal and progressive.

Lets us look at the first word – liberal, which initially would appear that a person holding such a philosophy, would be believing in liberty which means personal freedom but this is far away from it and in reality a liberal society is a tyrannical society. Liberals make use of all forms of social engineering to create a liberal society, by powering some groups by weakening others; hence they actually take away freedom from people. Liberalism requires the presence of state violence and propaganda to create an altered state of existence, which is not a more evolved natural state than a conservative society. Liberalism is essentially ‘Cultural Marxism’ which requires heavy socialism, big government and other leftist thinking to recreate a society. Feminism, Minority empowerment and LGBT empowerment are some examples of liberal ideology whose domain resides within Leftism.

The second term used for themselves is – ‘progressive‘ which is the stupidest name someone can call themselves. Who even decides to call themselves progressives? So people who don’t agree with them are the opposite, i.e regressives ? The progress that is being peddled is the regression of civilization that goes from its golden age of conservatism to it’s dark age of progressiveness, bringing depression in the lives of its people with the loss of spirituality that it entails.

Liberals are a bunch of collectivists and authoritarians who socially engineer the society through the use of governmental violence and through the lies and propaganda spread through media and universities, and then wrongly market their thinking as a form of individualism.

For eg: Liberals argue that there should not be moral policing on them and that they should be allowed to engage in degeneracy they want. Here is the thing – being a degenerate is not about freedom because to create a system that allows degeneracy to exists which the liberals can engage in; required freedom to be lost in the first place through the creation of a leftist – socialist – feminist state and the destruction of the patriarchy, wherein men had to be weakened and feminized and women had to be empowered and masculinized. So liberalism involves violence and manipulations.

Liberalism is built upon Feminism, and Feminism is built upon Socialism : Socialism —> Feminism —> Liberalism

Understand feminism here – What is feminism ?

Who has given anyone the right to these inferiors to change society for their selfishness ? Who has given them the right to inverse the gender roles and destroy gender identity?

Liberalism is Collectivism marketed as Individualism while destroying individualism, in the name of liberty while destroying liberty.

Liberals are Anti – Liberty.

Liberals are Leftists.

Liberalism is tyranny marketed as liberty.

Jainism is the Right wing ideology of Live and Let Live, which believes in absolute freedom.

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