Life lessons

  1. Stay with losers and the morons will guarantee drag you down. Keep a distance from them.
  2. Be selfish.
  3. Take responsibility for your life.
  4. Cut down on consumption.
  5. Your drive to have a mission of having a family should serve as a drive to bulldoze everyone and everything that comes in its path to achieve it.
  6. You have to continuously keep track of the rapidly taking economic and technological changes. Ignoring or not bothering does not help, as you are a part of the worldly existence and will get out competed by those who adapt for success.
  7. Chase success passionately with a dispassionate disposition.
  8. Be extremely selfish in pursuing worldly gains. Be extremely selfless for spiritual gains.
  9. As you grow older, you realize that life is not only a continuous learning process but also a continuous unlearning process. This learning and unlearning brings out refinement in thoughts and these thoughts end up as wisdom.
  10. Seek the company of High IQ atheistically conservatives.
  11. Success does not have to a zero sum game. Create Win – Win situations everywhere.
  12. Motivation in life – The only motivation required in life is – Biological success. How is biological success achieved ? Outside of luck, it comes through having children and then providing and raising them well. Those who want their genes to survive, will remain motivated.
  13. Rise so much in character, that all others appear fallen.
  14. Intelligence and experience will save you from all situations.
  15. Being street smart > Being intellectual
  16. The best stock to invest in is in one’s self.
  17. You are never paid what you are worth, you are paid what you negotiated Master the art of negotiation.
  18. The best revenge in life is success
  19. Be extremely selective in your choice of life influencer to reduce the unlearning after learning nonsense.
  20. Life is not about being happy but having a purpose. This is why pursuing hedonism ends in misery.
  21. Predators exists and are always on the lookout for prey. While one should be nice and happy go lucky, this wisdom needs to be held at the back of mind.
  22. Treat people as they deserve to be treated. It does not matter whether they are brainwashed by an ideology or some propaganda.
  23. Righteousness is confidence multiplier.

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