The State of the economy

  • Food inflation is higher than government numbers. Government has been increasingly been taking processed food to calculate inflation, than using real natural food which was used before for calculation, and which is now more expensive. A bread with 30 ingredients listed along with wheat and yeast, is cheaper than a freshly baked bread from a bakery. Can we just calculate inflation by comparing the price of freshly baked bread in 1980 to the one in 2021 ? Also, packet size are reducing for products, which is conveniently looked over, hence does not truly capture the inflation. Inflation numbers are incorrect and since it is used in calculating GDP, the GDP numbers are not accurate. The economy is not as large as it is put out.
  • Since world economy cannot grow infinitely in the future, and with having the need for depopulation, the jobs are systematically being eliminated by the ruling class, and so being an employee now means being a slave to the corrupt sociopathic crony corporations.
  • Stagnant wages have been contributed by women entering workforce.
  • The fact that the majority of millennials are in their 30s, but hold so little wealth is just sad. Gen Z is going to have even a much tougher time and those who don’t inherit wealth will never be able to retire.
  • Tech companies and governments jointly promote large-scale adoption of artificial intelligence for their reset agenda.
  • Existing corporations are having high valuations because new companies coming out in the future are going to be few, and these monopolies will only exist in their sector. Eg: Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Amazon etc.
  • The social justice campaigns run by corporations is a PR deflection from stagnant wages, destruction of unions, job instability, long hours, gig work, pushing for& retaining female workers.
  • Venture capitalism is the destruction of superior form of capitalism. Is there any Tech startup that has come up in the last 5 years whose business model is not becoming profitable by being monopolistic through capital dumping with the help of Venture capitalists and destroying massively existing businesses in the name of being a ‘disruptor’ ? The VCs invest money on 125+ IQ hard working ruthless dedicated dudes who would create a mega monopoly while having 1 or no child and the resultant monopolies would destroy jobs for IQ < 120 allowing for lower birth rates.
  • Why is there so much push for Startups around the world ? 1. It allows for monopoly formation which allows for elimination of jobs of poorer nature, and thus helps in the population control drive. 2. Startups destroy the old non – digital economy. 3. Venture capitalist funding has being poured to show women entrepreneurs are creating successful businesses. Put the face of a woman as the CEO/ Co – founder, and then run the company pushing feminist – liberal agenda onto the masses.
  • Governments got involved excessively in healthcare and education sector and both of them have seen the highest inflation.
  • The global economic growth is permanently over.
  • Corporations will undertake more cost cutting including giving lower wages for those joining new, which has been made easier and justifiable with remote work, as their revenues will stagnate in the coming years.
  • The average boomer could afford a house, have a job to feed a family of 4 and have some money left to invest. The average millennial cannot afford a house, has a low income, and no money left to invest.
  • The last 5 years have been the fastest destruction of free market capitalism in modern history.

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12 thoughts on “The State of the economy

  1. Given that private monopolists—not the working public—control governments, banks, and corporations, and society is largely atomised along individualist-hedonistic lines (of which feminism is but one of several corollaries), how can the current system be called socialist and/or collectivist? Big business already denotes a lot of money to charitable functions. So I don’t see how “spiritual” capitalism would be different from the existing system. The current system rewards big capitalists and squeezes out small capitalists. This, by itself, doesn’t mean the system is “socialist” and/or “collectivist,” since the economy is still based on private ownership/capital, albeit highly concentrated within the top 1%. One must therefore define what “socialism” and “collectivism” are.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      We don’t live under free market economy which would be a superior form of capitalism when combined with spirituality and hence the term “Spiritual Capitalism” wherein the successful wealthy capitalist donates some part of his money, back to the society in the form of opening educational and health institution and charitable causes etc.

      We live under cronyism and corporatism, which should be rightfully called crony socialism because only under socialism can cronyism even thrive due to the presence of big government and the term – corporatism because it serves the big corporate houses at the expense of small businesses.

      We don’t live under individualism because the feminist liberal is based on collectivism and is an unnatural, altered, socially engineered Marxist society. Liberals are leftists and liberalism has nothing to do with having a choice but a tyrannical society based on state violence and propaganda. Feminism is a part of Socialism and it cannot exists without it. Hedonism cannot exists without feminism. A spiritual libertarian patriarchy (Jainism) is based on individualism – Live and let live, through which a person can live freely and achieve maximum worldly gains without being destructive and remaining spiritually bliss at the same time.

      Big business don’t earn ethically and their social corporate responsibility is a carefully managed PR exercise in many cases required by the law, to promote liberal ideologies and also to look after their self interest. It is a complete violation of spiritual principles.

      The growing wealth inequality and the rise of the 1% is due to the above factors explained – cronyism, socialism, corporatism, feminism and liberalism.

      Socialism and Collectivism is defined as the the violation of a person’s freedom, free will and spiritual pursuit.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Quotation: “the successful wealthy capitalist donates some part of his money, back to the society”

        Response: A number of wealthy venture capitalists do so today. For example, both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett donate extensively to universities, fund scholarships, and so on. Many other monopolists allocate millions and millions of dollars to “charitable” functions. There really isn’t any distinction between Gates/Buffett and the likes of, say, Andrew Carnegie. Nineteenth-century entrepreneurs and big businesses acted as patrons of the arts, media, culture, and so on, just like today’s “liberal” monopolists/monopolies. The only difference is that today’s big capitalists are promoting a different ideological brand or flavour, even though the underlying economic structure remains largely unchanged. The profit motive is the same.

        Quotation: “only under socialism can cronyism even thrive due to the presence of big government”

        Response: Big business thrives on government incentives and subsidies. Big business, naturally, tends to monopolise markets and eliminate small business; that is its “bottom line,” so to speak, being most profitable. Big capitalists already have more money and access to lenders than small capitalists, so the big capitalists use their financial clout as leverage over government, infiltrating and bending government to suit their private interests. Oftentimes big capitalists benefit from selective government regulations and intrusions that reward big capitalists at the expense of small capitalists. For example, the Rockefeller family benefited from the expansion and privatisation of the state. That doesn’t necessarily make the system “socialist,” but it does reflect the merger of state and corporate power, which is essentially fascist. Today private monopolists effectively run most of the state’s functions, and the state in turn reflects the monopolists’ interests, hence the statist-corporatist merger.

        Quotation: “the feminist liberal is based on collectivism”

        Response: feminism is individualistic because it manufactures and disseminates hedonism, encourages women to put their individualistic desires ahead of their duties to men (their husbands) and mankind, and thereby undermines the family unit over time. Families are collectivist units in which individuals must surrender their subjective, individualistic desires to biological realities/necessities. That is why women must be subordinate to men, however individualistic their instincts may be. The wife’s duty to her husband rests on the collective survival of the human race. The more individualistic a society becomes, the more subjective its perception of reality is, and the more unmoored women (and men) are. Therefore, as personal fancy begins to trump biological imperative, society atrophies over time. If everyone followed his passing whims, society and mankind would cease to exist.

  2. For example, as a man, I would be individualistic if I chose to put my career before marriage. Of course, men must be financially successful, but if men were exclusively individualistic, they would stop finding wives and cease to have families. We are seeing the consequences today, because individualism has replaced the family unit, thanks to the individualistic, hedonistic, feminist worldview. If our society were collectivist, we would have more families and children (hence communities), yet today we are seeing atomisation (men becoming isolated, childless units) and the collapse of community. Maybe your definition of collectivism is different from mine, given that you define collectivism as a system based on statism and government, whereas I view collectivism organically, being centred on the family unit.

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