What is Feminism ?

Feminism is the false assumption or idea that women are equal to men, or are to be made equal to men.

All the nonsense and hate, starts from this thinking

Feminism = Gender Marxism + Homosexuality

The natural order is: Cosmos >> Man>> Woman >> Child

  • Feminism is the hatred of masculine men and feminine women.
  • Feminism is the promotion of feminine men and masculine women.
  • Feminists are the inferiors of both the genders.

Masculinity and Femininity are complementary to each other.

  • Feminism is a left wing ideology.
  • Leftism takes the form of Marxism, Socialism, Cultural Marxism, Communism, Feminism, Minority empowerment, LGBT empowerment etc.
  • Methods to create and achieve leftist ideology in society are through the use of violence, manipulation and threat of Outcasting.
  • Feminism is achieved through social engineering by Violence (Government); Manipulation (Media and Universities) and Outcasting (Corporations). They work in a sync to create a liberal utopia.
  • Feminism is basically homosexuality and androgyny of genders, that works with the objective –
    • Men are to be weakened and feminized
    • Women are to be empowered and to be masculinized.

The evolutionary end goal of feminism is to create a sexually liberated society for the promiscuous leftist degenerates to be able to engage in their depravity.

  • Feminism has existed in the world since the last 150 years and has grown exponentially since then.
  • Women getting to vote is also feminism (should not have happened).

Feminism also been hijacked in the last 2 to 3 decades for population control by the elites, and strongly in the last decade for their reset agenda.

  • Feminism is a mass psychological operation designed for population growth control, which is made possible through achieving reduced fertility rate.
  • A stable community needs a birth rate of 2.1 i.e most of the couples should be having 2 children to maintain the population, without which the population keeps falling.
  • Those men and women who fall for feminism, are Darwinism failures.

Women are to slut around and have career which are facilitated through affirmative action. Men are to become players, and are financially castrated through through various means, like creation of giant global monopolies that take away jobs and small businesses.

To sum it up:

  • Weaken and Feminize the Men
  • Empower and Masculinize the Women
  • Destroy small business that drive financially independent men out of income source
  • Create Global Mega corporations that exclusively hire women
  • Push feminist and liberal agenda through the use of media and universities

Women are not the enemy; feminism is the enemy, of both the genders.

Due to the result of this social engineering, pushed through feminism and liberalism –

Love and marriage, breaks down in society.

Love is replaced with lust, before in the form of pre – marital sex and after marriage (if the marriage even takes place). Promiscuity becomes the societal accepted norm from the earlier monogamous relationship structure.

Love and romance takes place between a spiritually grounded masculine man and a spiritually grounded feminine women. In love, the femininity complements the masculinity and it results in an emotional bonding that stays throughout life. Without gender polarity, there cannot be love, only some fragments of love that can be felt and when love cannot exists, lust has to exists in its place which degrades both the gender by dehumanizing them.

The end result is the creation of mental depression due to various factors.

  • Women who embrace their femininity to the maximum are in a divine bliss.
  • Women who have lost their femininity are the unhappiest women.
  • Men who are the most masculine are the happiest and most blissful.
  • Men who lack masculinity or have underdeveloped one, are the most depressed males.

Due to the lies and manipulations, created by feminism and its associated left wing ideologies, society transitions from a higher level of spiritual consciousness to a lower level of spiritual consciousness. This is because left wing thinking is the flow that comes from a lower state of consciousness.

From the start of the liberal era to its end, depression spreads through society at an exponential rate the same rate at which spirituality is lost in the culture. Traditional high IQ culture which is grounded in masculine freedom is replaced with a liberal gynocentric tyranny. The society decays at an exponential rate with the fall in fertility rates, freedom, destruction of family and societal structure and increasing degeneracy, lies and propaganda, depression rates and all the misery brought about by lower state of consciousness.

The society transitions this way, from its traditional culture which is more near it’s GOLDEN AGE to a liberal culture which is it’s DARK AGE, with coming closer to it’s end.

Higher Consciousness is the enemy of Feminism and other Left wing ideologies.

The maximum happiness and prosperity, humans can achieve is through ‘Live and Let Live’, and which comes from being grounded in Highest Spiritual ideas, and has been perfected by Jainism.

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