Jainism is designed for the Decaying Ages

Jain Philosophy has been developed as such, because of reasons like people not getting materialistically content with the simple life around 2000 B.C , migration of other tribes bringing violence, and that Jain philosophy evolved as a way to survive and remain blissful in the Decaying Ages of Time that was to take over the world, which the Jain monks could foresee. Due to the decaying times, higher consciousness values keeps getting lost by humans and dark traits of human nature come out, bringing to a state of more violence and deceit, which is where the importance of Jain values of Ahimsa (Non – violence), Anekantavada (Multiplicity of viewpoints) and Karma shines.

One reason for the white cloth on the mouth, is to remember so as to not to speak harshly, and to remain silent than to provoke violence. The White dress code for monks symbolizes peace.

Mastering Detachment is the key to bliss and sanity in the decaying ages. Jain monk’s renunciations serve as message and a reminder of the importance of Detachment to Jain laymen, and not to get lost in the worldly life of the decaying times.

The below is a collection of music and videos that showcases the philosophy of Jainism – the message of renunciation and ascetism which leads to the breaking of all bondage to the worldly existence – permanent detachment to all people, place and material wealth. Diksha ceremony is the ceremony of a Jain layman becoming a monk – who have given up on worldly life and are on the path of seeking Moksha – the end of cycle of birth and death.

A growing number of Dikshas have taken place in recent times, the reasons suspected to be – growing disenchantment among the millennials with the life of the modern world, internet allowing access to information on Jainism and English translations of Jain scriptures that the young can easily understand.

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