The Cosmic Wheel of Time

Human existence operates in a consciousness cycle as –

Liberty (Jainism) –> Authoritarian Rightist Tyranny –> Authoritarian Leftist Tyranny –> Collapse.

The Liberty here refers to Jainism, which is the highest form of consciousness for humans, after which the consciousness keeps on decreasing.

Consciousness cycle is divided into infinite equal time cycles, where each cycle is further sub-divided in two equal halves.

Utsarpini: The first half is the progressive cycle or ascending order, called Utsarpini where the human consciousness keeps on increasing, represented by the left half of the cycle.

Here alongside consciousness, progress, happiness, strength, age, body, religious trends, etc. go from the worst conditions to the best.

Avasarpini: The other half is the regressive cycle or the descending order, where the human consciousness keeps on decreasing, where progress, happiness, strength, age, body, religious trends, etc. go from the best conditions to the worst.

Avasarpini is the age of increasing misery brought about by ignorance running through society which increasingly moves us away from understood truths of higher consciousness with the passing time, along with other factors. The loss of Jain consciousness, is observed during the Dark Ages with experiencing increasing violence with the passing time, and where Jain consciousness represent the highest state of consciousness possible for humans as it being the closest state to complete detachment and it being a representation of Non – violence and other virtues and Jain values like environmentalism. The loss of Jain consciousness creates tyranny and oppression that the evil side of humans unleashes. This age includes an increase in lower IQ population, environmental degradation, human evolution which serves as de – evolution etc, and ends in a collapse. The worldly world and the spiritual world keep diverging with the movement of the Decaying age.

Strength decay is due to the trade off between Muscle mass Versus Brain Size as Evolution has enabled a trade off, by making us lose our muscle mass for a bigger brain size, so that more fuel can be directed to the brain, which is actually negative because humans lose their robust strength.  

Life was better in the 1950’s than in present, and if you want to go further then life was better in 600 A.D, and if you want to still go further then life was better in 2000 B.C.

The complete cosmos cycle goes from Utsarpini to Avasarpini and repeats in a cycle.

  • Avsarpini:
  • – Increase of Low IQ and Low intelligence population
  • – Increased materialism
  • – Increased violence and manipulations
  • – DARK AGE: Moving away from spiritual truths of Jainism

1st Ara (Leg): Susam Susam (Happiness – Happiness) Time frame: 5000 B.C – 4000 B.C

This is the time of maximum happiness where no crime exists. People were taller and physically robust. People were less materialistic and content.

2nd Ara (Leg): Susam (Happiness) Time frame: 4000 B.C – 3000 B.C

Tirthankar Samprati of the previous cosmic cycle reigned.

Human evolution resulted in more intelligent people, but it came at the cost of lesser muscle mass and shorter height. People were still happy so were not inclined towards spirituality.

3rd Ara (Leg): (Happiness – Sadness) Time frame: 3000 B.C – 2000 B.C

People had become less content and more materialistic, maybe with the increase in IQ.

Environmental degradation began.

Rushabdev – 1st of the 24 Tirthankaras of the “Current Cycle”. Born: 2500 B.C – 2000 B.C

Brahmi script is developed from Indus Script. Major progress in Indus valley civilization with having Farming, Defence and political system developed. Caste system is created to structure the society better.

Ruins of Indus Valley Civilization – Bharat, Built: 2000 B.C Bathroom drainage system.

4th Ara (Leg): Sadness – Happiness Time Frame : 2000 B.C – 500 B.C

Barbarian tribes grew in numbers, and started creating problems. Problems created by Low IQ conservatives is listed here.

23 of the Jain tirthankaras are put in this slot.

Bharat Rushabdev’s son becomes the 1st prominent ruler of India around 1800 B.C

Tirthankar Mahavir: Born 600 B.C

Monogamy became the norm for Jains around 700B.C, making them the first to accept it in the world.

5th Ara (Leg) Sadness; Timeframe : 500 B.C to 20??

Current period of increasing sorrow with the passing time.

More religions originating of low IQs. Problems created by Low IQ right wing conservatives is listed here, and they keep increasing with time.

Later stages of 5th Ara :

Creation of Nation states : Nationalism as a philosophy of the lower IQs leads to creation of nations.

From 1850 A.D to present : Start of ideologies like Feminism, Socialism and Marxism.

Democracy is adopted, which being a wheel of destruction in motion.

People follow religion in diluted form.

Population growth starts giving rise to ideologies like feminism and liberalism.

Growth of low IQ population due to the technological innovation, altruism of higher IQs and socialism which leads to greater Dysgenics.

Read about the decaying last 3 decades here.

Consumerism brings in misery and is pushed by the elites.

Overpopulation leads to ELITES pushing feminism to reduce birth rates.

Massive Environmental decay. Climate change leads to Elites running their reset agenda.

Loss of religions brings the worst out of humans. Human consciousness shifts from Right wing to Left wing.

Moral decay destroys quality of life.

Exponential rise in violence, with authoritarian government having the monopoly over violence.

Finally leads to Economic stagnation and fewer jobs for massive population.

Life expectancy reduces with the newer generations.

Religious people are persecuted.

Jain values will completely get lost at the end of this era.

6th Ara (Leg): Sadness Sadness; Timeframe : From 2028 A.D ? to 2060 A.D ?

Society has completely collapsed with the loss of spiritual consciousness, and the resulting massive violence.

Jobless youth find suicide alluring.

Age of intense sorrow.

Life expectancy has reduced to some decades.

Lowest IQs have the highest population – a complete dysgenics.

Climate change causes problems.

Wars erupt.

Man is back in the cave.

Civilization ends.

———————————-End of Cosmic Cycle——————————————————–

———————————–Start of new Cosmic cycle ————————————————

Man starts civilization back from a collapsed state.

Jainism <– Authoritarian Rightist tyranny <– Authoritarian Leftist tyranny <– Collapse


Also, since Jainism has been absorbed in diluted forms else where, Jain concept of ages even exist in a corrupted forms in Hinduism as Kaliyug, Satyug and so, and in Greek philosophy as Iron age, Bronze age and so.

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