What is Pancham Kaal ?

The current stage of the decaying cycle is called as Pancham Kaal, being the 5th Era of Avasarpini. Refer to the Jain cosmos cycle.

There is only 1 mantra for best civilization – Live and Let Live and live intelligently; the violation of this principle is the cause of most of the problems that humans face, and for Jains who are firm believers of this idea, they have been the worst sufferers of the Decaying Ages. Complete Freedom cannot be understood by those with IQ < 115 as they never evolved for it, and the various cultures reflect on this.

All authoritarians are destructive, be it on the Left wing or the Right wing. Low IQ Right wingers create tyranny in the name of nationalism, religious bigotry and racism, and also lack the understanding of environmental decay, due to which loss of Jain value of environmentalism has been observed, and which has led to the climate change crisis

Left wingers implement Marxist and Progressive ideas.

It can also be observed in modern times that materialism does not bring happiness, and increased consumerism has brought in more misery in our lives. Spiritual culture and family values brings more soulful bliss in life and creates a more moral society, both of which have been lost, and due to which happiness has been decreasing exponentially since the 50”s – all of this is the work of the Decaying cycle.

Currently, the global ELITES are psychopathically running their Reset agenda by the means of social and economic engineering, to control overpopulation and tackle climate change.

We are in an age of excessive conflict with having non – stop propaganda, limited resources, environmental concerns, zero economic growth, dwindling jobs, loss of freedom and overpopulation.

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