Date to Marry tips for Men

  • A beautiful looking woman does not have to translate into a virtuous woman. An innocent looking woman does not have to translate into a virtuous woman. Figure out her character.
  • If she thought she was your equal, then she wouldn’t even have been there.
  • If she gets bored easily and keeps wanting to have fun, next her.
  • Wanting a feminine woman means, a man has to be emotionally strong and also be able to calm her down, when required.
  • The husband is his wife’s mentor and guide in life. Women seek this quality, in the man they marry.
  • The good provider showcases his mating fitness to the females with having a nest ready, & that he can get the food for her and their offspring. The female then utilizes the empty nest & makes a home out of it, that facilitates nurturing their offsprings.
  • “He needs to have a good sense of humor”. Avoid for marriage.
  • She needs to be amicable.
  • A patriarch would tell the woman not to get emotionally entangled to him, if she is falling for him, during the courtship evaluation phase as he genuinely does not want a heart break to happen to her, which is a strong possibility.
  • Love is one’s submission to the other, and thus necessitates nobility in a person to be capable of giving love.
  • A person being good or evil, is more important than a person being a trad or liberal.
  • The purest of Love will always be the Innocent Love that comes in youth. Shades of Innocent Love should deliberately be added to the relationship building.
  • Since women give birth and rear the kids, and thereby the greater beneficiary of the relationship transaction flow, a woman is primarily the investee and the man is the investor. Women pitch, and a man invests.
  • Don’t bore her with your philosophy.
  • Display confidence and not arrogance.
  • If her primary goal of marriage is companionship and not family formation, then she is not the one.
  • Explain her the working of the world as you are her guide to reality.
  • No for Women who drink or smoke.
  • To inspire Love in a woman is way more difficult than to inspire Lust.
  • A man at work looks hot to women.
  • A quality man needs to debate well with himself on the merits of marriage in such decayed times and the worst times yet to come.
  • A trad natured woman who has been even in a single previous relationship will also be mentally damaged like a promiscuous woman, as the trad woman would have been more emotionally invested & the heartbreak would affect her more deeply relative to a slut.
  • No woman is independent. Interpret this in anyway you want.
  • Don’t try to directly impress her by stating your achievements in life. It should be more covert as in the sense that it gets understood naturally as you explain your life to her.
  • Every woman wants to know the organization you are working for. If you are not comfortable with sharing about it on the 1st date, then its okay, and it is actually a wise move.

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