Date to Marry tips for Women

  • Don’t be excessively opinionated.
  • A woman should incite similar emotions in a man, to the one that a baby incites in a woman. Cute and Innocent get loved and protected.
  • There is a limit to a man’s patience, before he decides it is not worth it to fix her, and that it is better off for him to find a more quality chick.
  • Be presentable with a good aesthetic sense, such that your man is proud to hold to.
  • Don’t try to seduce him. Rather try to win his heart.
  • Slay him with your beauty and virtues.
  • Trad men cannot see a sex- object as a wife material.
  • A humble grocery bagging woman feels more appealing as a wife, than a corporate careerist.
  • Marry early. A woman’s fleeting beauty is useless without a solo admirer, who will even remember and cherish the past memories of her beauty as she ages, if he got his muse at her prime and fell in love with her deeply.
  • If he does not give you sleepless nights, he is not for you.
  • Women are attracted to powerful men. Powerful women (in masculine sense) repulse men.
  • A man evaluates woman on the basis of her being 1 of the two : Hoe material Or Wife material
  • A Trad feminine woman is even hotter and not just more beautiful, when compared to a sexuality oozing liberal woman.
  • Only virtuous women are lovable.
  • If does not listen to romantic songs, then he is not the one.
  • A woman’s submission also means, submitting to all the misfortunes that will occur in the man’s life, including some really tragic ones. Life does not come with a guarantee for tomorrow. Submission means submitting her destiny to his.
  • Make him feel masculine and show admiration for his masculinity.
  • Many guys, a good percentage in Tech are obsessed with unnecessary technologies like apply pay, apple watch, QR scanner, Fitbit, Tesla’s new software and other nonsense, so just bear with it as he bores you out.
  • Modest woman serves as a refreshment to the eyes and soul of a man, having being surrounded by harlots in modernity.
  • Identify careers which will not work for the future and then avoid men in such fields. Pilots, Lawyers, Architects, Civil engineers, MBAs are surely a No. Doctors/Dentists, Techies are at neutral.
  • A man wanting to control his woman is natural.
  • There is no patriarch in modernity having a Low T. To rebel against the modern society, requires Hight T.
  • A shy demeanor in a woman generates love interest in a man. A bold demeanor in a woman generates lust interest in a man.
  • Smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman. Smile more. A smiling woman instantly becomes more attractive.
  • It is mainly a man’s ambition that gets him to the top. Having IQ and People’s skills are meaningless without having high testosterone fueling him to find success and get bold at it.
  • A woman’s wife material value is based upon her youth, moral and conservative values, chaste, shy &coy appeal, femininity & submissiveness, Natural beauty, IQ.

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