Learn femininity through videos

Learn to be a feminine woman from the women in these videos –

Learn femininity from this woman – Ruchi Bharani. She teaches cooking recipes on Rajshri food Youtube channel. Right role model.
Free yourself from feminism’s influence. This is a proper girly femininity, which reflects in her happy state –
This is passable feminine behavior, charm and mannerism. Not the best, but fine. Learn. Note that the soulful femininity is not lost.
Neha was too cute in the 90s
Sonali is Innocent, sweet, young, playful and feminine. Passable femininity.
Bhumika was an absolute wife material
Aish at one of her finest – Good expressions and graceful
Aishwarya rai was one of the last classical Indian beauty.
Bhumika was an absolute wife material

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