Learn to be a Traditional Man

  • Be naturally and silently dominant
  • Be calm and take time to react
  • Masculinity is not to be measured by the number of sexual partners a man had or has, or his wealth ( different from his capacity to earn and retain) because these are just superficial measures.
  • A man has matured when he can see himself as a role model and a mentor to other men.
  • Be the right kind of asshole sometimes.
  • There is nothing like a liberal MAN. A liberal male is a cuck and not a man. Only the Patriarch is fit to be called as a MAN.
  • A man becomes a man when he wants to be become a father.
  • Those men who waste their time in building a chiseled physique, end up with attracting a liberal woman.
  • Those who want to marry a trad woman need to become the patriarchal archetype.
  • Being calm & composed is the best mental state. A mind which is angry, driven, aggressive, raw, dominant & ambitious brings out primitive satisfaction temporarily due to feeling as if achieving something and is okay sometimes to feel like a man.
  • A man’s ambition should be overcoming obstacles and negative experiences faced in his life, to find greater success.
  • The Trad man who treats a modern woman like its 1980’s is a big fool. Treat an individual woman as she deserves.
  • The older the man becomes, the greater the wisdom he should be having.
  • Maturity brings a sense of seriousness in a man.
  • Entertaining degeneracy weakens a man, and makes him a slave to his lustful thoughts and to licentious women.
  • Your wealth should be your sword.
  • Feel like a Man. You are a powerful force of nature. Project masculinity.
  • It feels powerful not turning your head towards an attention seeking woman in public knowing that she is craving it from you.
  • A man speaks out against morally wrong ideas and injustice, though he does not have to go out to fight it.
  • A man’s self – confidence builds along with his mastery of existence.
  • As the system weakens men more and more, men must seek to become more and more powerful to counter it.
  • “I want to be more powerful” should be in a man’s mindset.
  • 9 – 6 corporate offices is where a man’s masculinity gets destroyed.
  • A man should not fall for man – shaming by lesser men.
  • When you look at the mirror, you should be seeing a physically and mentally resilient MAN standing.
  • By Default, a man should be politely assertive if required. Only when dealing with savages and other scums, he can show aggressiveness. By default, a man should never be aggressive.
  • Track pants are not a manly dressing.
  • Clean shaven > Stubble > Beard
  • Delay gratification till you have made substantial progress in your life. Also do note that the life expectancy is reducing.
  • Be a Risk taker and also always be risk averse.
  • Don’t waste your time and the energy of your youth to become Degenerate player, as these males become miserable in their 30’s and end up childless or divorced. Build yourself up in your 20’s and enter a monogamous marriage in your late 20s or early 30’s.
  • To be a man is to be a solution – provider.
  • Be fighting fit.
  • very single day of a man to his last day on Earth should be productive.
  • Always appear to be in control.
  • Malicious women are expert in provoking anger in men with which that they can make him look as the devil and herself as the poor victim in other people’s eyes. When a man keeps calm, he becomes immune to such tactics and is able to handle such situations better.
  • A successful man is more at ease with life and he is also more forgiving to others. Success gets a man some peace as he has proven himself to others.
  • In the barbaric past, male competitiveness was decided by the ability to inflict violence. In the civilized world, male competitiveness is decided by the ability to generate wealth.
  • Successful Patriarch > All other types of males.
  • A man who has given up his urge to conquer is already dead.
  • A patriarch does not approve the mass sexual objectification of women.
  • You have to make your life happen.
  • Since patriarchy does not exist any longer, a man’s concern for women is to be limited to his female relatives and acquaintances.
  • The below activities will decrease your Man points : Starbucks visit. Eating Mayonnaise, Carrying a handkerchief, Visiting Quora & Reddit, Having a hot chocolate drink, Wearing Pajama, Use Emojis, Writing legibly. Wearing wireless earphones

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