Jains – The race which underwent maximum human evolution

Jains underwent maximum human evolution, making them to be the most evolved life form in existence.

  • Jains have the highest IQ for any race giving them the highest billionaire count in the world.
  • Jains were the first to accept monogamy, back in 700 B.C, which is also the reason behind Jains showing the lowest sexual dimorphism. Monogamy is a part of Human Evolution and what makes us civilized.
  • Jains show low muscle mass, which was a result of trading muscle mass for a bigger brain size.
  • Jain culture has appreciation for – Non – Violence, Moral Values, Liberty, Freedom of Speech, Monogamy, Spiritual Detachment, Charity ,Giving back to the society, compassion for all life forms including microbes and vegetation. The most evolved culture, and nothing can get better than this.
  • Jains have the lowest birth rates in the world of 0.6, and the highest life expectancy.
  • Jains created Indus valley civilization.

Note, that other intelligent people from other castes including foreign origins did convert to Jainism and contributed to some percentage of the Jain gene stock in North – Western India, and these Jains of Gujarati – Marwari origins are being referred to as ‘JAINS’ here.

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