Observations of the Decaying times

  • As the Decaying Ages establishes its grip over society, the last 3 decades from the year 1990 can be seen as a worst world emerging with the exponential drop in spirituality, leading to the worst dark traits of humans coming out.
  • As the more conservative minded boomers have started dying or retiring, the more traditional influence they hold has gone with them, resulting in a worst liberal evil world emerging.
  • Before the smartphones was the TV and before the TV was newspapers. Propaganda was always been pushed through the media, just the main source of transmission keeps changing.
  • Any civilized culture is the result of its top 10 % of men. The rest of the community members are beneficiaries, who cannot fully grasp the philosophy behind that culture and over the period, destroy the entire civilization.
  • Feminism is supported by degenerate men who want women to become loose and have easy access to them.
  • The almost non – existent moral values in Gen Z is just sad.
  • There has been a massive rise of STDs and it is only going to worsen with the increasing promiscuity worldwide, bringing even more misery onto the people. Misery will keep increasing at a faster rate in the later stages of the Dark Age.
  • 2020’s decade is going to be about playing Darwinism on Hard mode.
  • Patriarchy was the resistance to evil men and women, who are now free to be wicked.
  • As the society decays, profanity usage increases in the speech.
  • Consumerist culture has been pushed to serve as a distraction from family formation
  • All the last characteristics of a dying society are being witnessed.
  • Those who are not mentally strong will not survive what’s coming.
  • 1950’s – Materially poorer but happier.
  • There is no strong male – male friendship in the post modern society. Strong male friendship comes through male bonding in a male-only settings, and needing each other when raising a family. To add to the issue, increasing gay acceptance in culture creates suspicion on friendship. Also, men have become more busy and have less free time left to socialize which has contributed to men have fewer friends than previous generations. General atomization in society is also a factor. Male – male friendship has been replaced with a bizarre male – female friendship.
  • To destroy a community, all it takes is feminism.
  • The term ‘progressive’ is correct only in the sense that it is ‘progress’ towards destruction.

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