Who is now fit to be called as a MAN ?

Every man who allowed feminism to exist, failed to protect the women in his life as the man. The brother failed the sister. The father failed the daughter. The son failed the mother. The husband failed the wife. He is completely responsible for the grief that he allowed to fall on women. He is completely responsible for failing to protect his family, from the STATE. As an emasculated male, he watches his sister and daughter being damaged sex objects, who are robbed of honor. He watches women being fooled into careerism only to regret at later stages of life. He watches his nation’s economy destroyed by global crony monopolies run by the ELITES, which are nurtured by the STATE, only to see his fellow beings struggling for a decent job. He watches the destruction unfolding and thinks of countries to escape, but that would still make him a coward who abandoned his family and community. He tries to save his family members from the destruction of feminism and fails, to only reconcile as this being the inevitable work of the Decaying Age of consciousness. The best thing a man can do is to make aware his family members of the plan of the elites and then leave them to their destiny which is to be understood as their destiny.

This man performed his duty as a man, and this makes him fit to be called as a MAN.

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