Feminism and Liberalism are violations of Jain consciousness

The basic tenants of Jainism include Non – violence, Truth, Non – stealing, Monogamy and Non – possessiveness.

Feminism, Socialism and other Left wing beliefs like Liberalism, are all a violation of all the above tenants of Jainism, and as such anyone identifying as a Jain and believing in these left wing beliefs is NOT being a Jain.

Liberalism is built upon Feminism, and Feminism is built upon Socialism : Socialism —> Feminism —> Liberalism

Jainism is a Right wing ideology, while these ideologies are Left wing ideologies.

Jainism is an ideology of Live and Let Live, and Jains are traditionalist libertarians.

The JAIN consciousness is incompatible with the Left wing consciousness.

The loss of Jain patriarchy is a part of the Decaying ages of time. What is Patriarchy ?

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