Democracy is destruction in motion

Democracy is destruction in motion, which ends in a collapse as it leads to increasingly totalitarian among other problems created by the stupids.

Democracy naturally decays society, with everyone having voting rights. Wisdom is hard to come by for everyone, which comes naturally to intelligent patriarchs and only few can grasp wisdom without the active support of the patriarchs. 1 out of 10 men is a proper patriarch = 10 % of population, 1 out of 2 human is a woman = 50 % of population, Proper Patriarchs = 5% of the population in a community. Women having voting rights is a joke.

Everyone does not have the same IQ, with there being few intelligent ones on the IQ distribution spread, which makes giving everyone voting rights to be a disaster.

If democracy actually functioned as per its design, any nation would have collapsed long time ago. The reason it has not been a faster decay under democracy being that, the elites control the masses through manipulations which neutralizes the negativities of democracy.

Democracy – a tyrannical form of government, of, by and for, the idiocy of the masses. A just monarch having highest spiritual values, is better than democracy. The earliest societies were actually monarchy with limited government, were way better than the later stage democracy.

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