Relationship tips for Women

  • A wife who seeks to manipulate her husband through sex has already lost.
  • A man with a trad soul will never truly enjoy porn; for it is not in his nature to be mechanical in the act. He yearns romance and emotional connection in his love – making.
  • The man is ideally to be the sole provider in the house. Being frugal and having a lower standard of living, is a good option if not going for the dual income, when single income would not do. She is not an equal provider, though she may work part time.
  • In public, a couple should always put up a united front. If asked – “Do you guys fight ?” Correct answer – “No, it does not happen as our connection is very strong.”
  • The wife should appreciate his hard work and be his source of respite.
  • A wife should be taking pride in being a better wife than the other women. She requires her to be introspective. A wife should make statements like “I am not like other wives “, ” I am just a good wife that I___”. ” I am such a good wife that I am not demanding “
  • The woman is the center around whom family is built.
  • The wife has to do as told by her caring husband.
  • Be a source of inspiration for him to become a better man.
  • Your body is not for public display. It is reserved only for your husband to gaze upon.
  • A woman who does not know the duties of a wife is being a biological failure. How ? Her marital success, being able to raise a child well & being a good role model for her child, all of which are essentially a part of what dictates her biological success or failure.

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Playful teasing is a part of romance.
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The Kitchen is not a place just for cooking.

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