Relationship tips for Men

  • Her money and bank account is managed by him.
  • A husband not in control of his lust can get manipulated by his wife who can control him through sex, and so he loses.
  • A wife not behaving needs to be told to leave and never come back It will be worst, if not done.
  • She will start making you wear matching clothes and it is sometimes okay.
  • Bring out her naughty side.
  • A Patriarch is the king of the house who serves as a biological slave to his wife and his children.
  • A man’s mother-in-law should not be influencing her married daughter’s life, and if she does then the man needs to show her the boundary.
  • A newly married couple should not rush into having a child soon. They should wait for the honeymoon phase to end of around 8 months & then make the decision affirming that there is no going back with a child. This does not discount the proper courtship.
  • Never stop romancing her.
  • You may get her token gifts from time to time like gifting flowers or a skittle candy.

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The Kitchen is not a place just for cooking.
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Playful teasing is a part of romance.

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