Visuals – Figure out a man

  1. Stay away from an innate narcissist.

Ungrounded women are attracted to the narcissist man. Recognize a narcissist and drop him. They are self – destructive and also more likely to cheat.

Youtuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a prime example of a Narcissist man; typically they are not grounded and end up destroying themselves.

2. This man’s depiction as a criminal extrudes ‘Dark Triad Traits’ with an extremely high psychopathy score. Women not spiritually grounded or liberal, are attracted to such men. Stay away from such men.

3. Mark Wiens, who is the most popular food vlogger on Youtube is a remarkable man – Light Triad, grounded and a good human.

4. Clubhouse founder has Trad physiognomy. He has a beautiful family. Seems a winner.

5. Win ? Looks like to me. Creator of SixthSense.

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