Parenting tips for Fathers

  • A man should never allow for a situation to arise, wherein his wife or children don’t respect him.
  • Don’t smack your children. A monster grows later. Learn to discipline them, without beating them.
  • Keep an eye on your daughters and protect them from the outside influences.
  • It is impossible for a mother to raise a son into a man. A mother’s role is to nurture and she is more important during the younger years, after which it is the father’s job to prepare the grown child for the real world.
  • Mothers can’t discipline children on their own, hence they expect the father to do it.
  • A Patriarch carries the burden of patriarchy to his death.
  • Weak fathers push their daughters to have career. Strong fathers push their daughters to marry early and focus on family formation as a priority.
  • Liberals sexualize their children from an early age. Don’t be a liberal.
  • Protect ‘innocence’ in your daughter, which is a critical trait of femininity and an irreversible one.
  • A patriarchal father is her daughter’s first love, who she will use to judge other men & find a man like him. A father needs to validate her daughter’s beauty, so that she does not go seeking attention from other men and ruining herself.
  • A father’s greatest joy is in seeing his son become successful.

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