The Right mindset to maintain

The Right mindset to adopt in these decaying times is to have a combination of Light triad, Dark triad and Jain State of mind, which are to be switched as per needs.

Understanding Light Triad state – Kantianism, humanism and a faith in humanity. Kantianism is when we treat people as means to themselves, as opposed to a means to an end. Basically, we’re not out to use them.

Now add in compassionate detachment of Jainism. The Jain mind is trained to be alert and not be ruled with emotions. Absorb spiritual wisdom here.

Resultant : The mind which is calm, composed and spiritually grounded, which makes logical decisions without being psychopathic and which is full of compassion for all.

This mind is emotional but which is also emotionless in decision making. The decisions that come out from this mind are the right decisions made, and no regret is left with their actions. This mind operates as ‘it is what it is’ and is based on pragmatism and not ideological driven.

Understanding Dark Triad state : Narcissism + Machiavellianism + Psychopathy

In the current decaying age of increasing evil, mastering being cunning and operating like a psychopath are essentially required to safeguard one’s self and to find worldly success in a less meritorious morally decayed environment.

But first before mastering the Dark Triad traits, there is a need to first understand the Karma. Psychopathic mode is only suitable for those who understand Karma first, otherwise it is just a suicide mission and a lifetime of misery that awaits.

The combination of the 3 above results in the mind that can be Machiavellian when called for, but still does not lose its kindness element. You don’t have to give up on your spiritual mode, but your mind needs to be trained to switch between different modes of thinking to handle different kinds of people and situations. This mind can be narcissistic and arrogant when called for, but still does not lose its humbleness element. This mind is DETACHED to worldly existence at the back, and at the same time seeks worldly power. This mind has the full zest for life. Aim to have such a mind.

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