The Right mindset to maintain

1.Darwinism has two components:

  • Having children with the best mate
  • Raising them well so they outcompete others in reproduction

This makes Liberals to be Darwinism failure because of –

  • Lower birth rate of liberals
  • Being inferior parents

Now, to adapt to the environment is Darwinism success, and to become a liberal is to become a Darwinism failure. But the environment is liberal ! ??? So what should be done ?

Then, you have to adapt to living as a Trad in a worsening liberal environment.

2. How to deal with your liberal family members?

Every Trad’s worst mental strain is dealing with their feminist loved ones. The brainwashing of feminism on society is so deep with decades of propaganda and social engineering having taken place, that speaking against any feminist belief invites disbelief and anger, even from loved ones. Without family formation, the emotional bonds between extended family members diminishes. A traditional family is an asset, while a liberal family is a liability. After giving a chance to your family members to understand your opinions on feminism and trying to reform them, and after failing which, make a distance from them and consider it as their and your Karma.

3. The Right mindset to maintain

The Right mindset to adopt in these decaying times is to have a combination of Light triad and Dark triad, which are to be switched as per needs.

  • Understanding Light Triad state –

The mind which is calm, composed and spiritually grounded, which makes logical decisions without being psychopathic and which is full of compassion for all.

This mind is emotional but which is also emotionless in decision making. The decisions that come out from this mind are the right decisions made, and no regret is left with their actions. This mind operates as ‘it is what it is’ and is based on pragmatism and not ideological driven. This is the Spiritual state of mind.

2. Understanding Dark Triad state

In the current decaying age of increasing evil, mastering being cunning and operating like a psychopath are essentially required to safeguard one’s self and to find worldly success in a less meritorious morally decayed environment.

But first before mastering the Dark Triad traits, there is a need to first understand the Karma. Psychopathic mode is only suitable for those who understand Karma first, otherwise it is just a suicide mission and a lifetime of misery that awaits.

The combination of 1. and 2. result in the mind that can be Machiavellian when called for, but still does not lose its kindness element. You don’t have to give up on your spiritual mode, but your mind needs to be trained to switch between different modes of thinking to handle different kinds of people and situations. This mind can be narcissistic and arrogant when called for, but still does not lose its humbleness element. This mind is DETACHED to worldly existence at the back, and at the same time seeks worldly power. This mind has the full zest for life. Aim to have such a mind.

4. General Notes

  • The less intelligent adapt to the mainstream to show off their social acceptance and their alignment with modernity with having a false sense of superiority, only to get destroyed. In the quest to appear modern, they sold their soul.
  • In the current age of global decay, it makes sense to seek better pastures in other locations be it in another country, so that you can have a fresh start to a better life even if it is going to be just entering another decayed part of the world.
  • With the moral decay, the evil has been free to be evil. So one needs to have his guard high.
  • Own the word ‘orthodox’. “You are so orthodox” Yes.
  • When Righteousness is at a low level, fighting the unrighteousness becomes a continuous and a laborious task, and also which makes having an Detached mind to be a necessity.
  • Adapt to the changing culture without getting pulled in.
  • The weak and unlucky will not survive this decade. This decade has just crossed 1 year and the pain has just started to get build up. Also, someone becoming a dog parent is not winning in life.

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