Jain Diet is the most environment friendly diet

What is the Jain diet ?

Jain diet is Vegetarian diet minus the Root vegetables

This is the most environmental friendly diet as plants don’t get killed in the process, and thereby reduces carbon footprints being created, and along with it values plant life. Jains consider root vegetables to be unhealthy food and spiritual consciousness lowering grouping. Jainism understands climate change and is the only religion having environmentalism as its value. Maybe Jains who created the Indus valley civilization, experienced climate change which may have contributed to the end of its civilization, and understand the importance of living in sync with nature. Jains have the highest IQ in the world, and they have perfected the diet.

The second best diet is the Vegetarian diet.

Vegetarians also contribute less to carbon footprints, and hence shifting the masses to a vegetarian diet is a good idea. Good for the animals too, as they don’t get abused. Milk is an essential food that cannot be let go due to certain nutrients that come from animal source only. Vegetarian, and not Vegan.

Jains have been vegetarians since more than 3000 years, and are the only people who have taken care of animals throughout the ages, and it because of influence of Jains that Indians don’t eat beef. Cows are a higher consciousness animal, and since Jains are vegetarians consuming their milk, taking care of the cows has been a symbiotic relationship for Jains. There are plenty of cow shelters in India, and cows have been given god status. Beef also has the worst Carbon footprints creation. Jains have not struggled with proteins with having Lentils, Beans, Milk, Wheat, Nuts all providing superior quality of proteins without the bad fats of meat.

It has been observed in that most Low IQs and Mid IQs have been Meat eaters, with some Mid IQs having moved to Vegan diet.

  • Low IQ = Meat eater (IQ < 95)
  • Mid IQ = Vegan ( 95 < IQ < 120 )
  • High IQ = Vegetarian ( IQ > 120 )
  • Highest IQ + Spiritually grounded = Jain diet ( IQ > 120 )

Jain > Vegetarian > Vegan > Meat

The below is the reflection of the influence of Jains (IQ > 120) on India (Avg IQ = 82 ) :

Vegetarianism – The impact of Jainism on India

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