Learn to be a Traditional Woman

  1. The kind of smile that reflects on inner femininity :

2. Keep hair to be as long as manageable, & it is possible in this age to have such that lasts for months with a visit to a salon, or by making use of extensions. It makes a big difference in beauty appeal, & is somewhat in your control. Traditionally, women kept long hair.

3. The finger in mouth expression is feminine.

4. Shyness is the ornament of women, so don’t lose it ever. Shyness and Coyness enhances a woman’s charm.

5. Head tilt on side is a sign of submission, and comes across as feminine.

6. Glares destroy feminine appeal

7. DON’T have infantile appeal. Grow up.

8. Symmetrical dressing improves attractiveness. Examples of asymmetrical dressing –

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Pointers to become a trad woman :

  • A woman who has lost her shyness has lost her charm. Shyness is the ornament of women.
  • If a woman wants to be a mother, she has to be traditional and there are no two ways to it.
  • There is nothing like a liberal feminine woman. A liberal woman is a slut/careerist and not a woman. A woman trying to look hot is not a real woman.
  • A beautiful woman has a beautiful mind.
  • The right kind of femininity – untainted, soulful, virtuous, incorruptible, playful, non – bitter, innocent, lovable.
  • Pretty face > Hot body
  • Only a TRAD feminine woman is lovable. A woman’s value is tied to her virginity which is why a slut is a low quality of a woman. A woman can admit that she likes sex, it is just that she will just be loved less deeply as men love chaste women.
  • A woman becomes a woman when she wants to be a mother, otherwise she may end up as a slut or a careerist.
  • Feminism hurts women by making them repulsive to the good men they need.
  • Innocence and Shyness are two defining traits of a beautiful woman. Losing these two traits is an irreversible loss of beauty in a woman.
  • Women who put on bright red lipstick look like a whore and a clown combined.
  • Simplicity in looks is an indication of a beautiful inside.
  • Feminism is not about offering a choice to a woman, rather it is a full blown assault on the femininity of all women.
  • Women not secure with their femininity are more attracted to feminism. These women end up creating a worst scenario for themselves.
  • Even when a woman is presenting herself as hot, she should still be retaining her cuteness appeal.
  • Outer beauty is impossible without having inner beauty. Be more virtuous and spiritual to have inner beauty.
  • A woman’s hypergamy can self – sabotage her mating success. A woman should continuously be aware of her life’s planning so that her hypergamy serves the correct purpose as biologically designed.
  • Spiritual grounding can undo most of the feminist brainwashing that has gone inside a woman’s head.
  • Wearing Trad dressing does not make a woman automatically to be a Trad. Being a Trad is a mindset which tends to get reflected in a woman’s choice of clothing.
  • Good usage of eyeliner makes a big difference in getting a mesmerizing appeal. Eye liner game should be at best.
  • A woman adorning herself is increasing her worth and her appeal.
  • Develop inner femininity.
  • Yoga pants is slut wear made for dog moms.
  • Meditation will help in controlling your emotional turbulent state of mind. Be Calm, Composed and Grounded.
  • Femininity = Masculinity. Both the genders are manifestations of power. Femininity is as powerful as masculinity.
  • The further a woman gets seduced by feminism, the further that woman strays from finding Love.
  • A woman’s goal in life should be to become an overeducated housewife. A woman should become a techie/doctor/certified accountant only to give it up after marriage or work part – time or help him with his business or otherwise.
  • Be traditionally feminine, and not just feminine.
  • A woman’s best curve is her smile.
  • Consider Lasik if you wear glasses. And if you wear glasses, then avoid the thick frame ones especially the new white transparent ones, about which I am convinced that they have been designed purposely to make people look ugly.
  • The first person to hate for a woman upon awakening to the matrix is her liberal father. Forgive your father and improve for the better.
  • Every great woman has been as a result of the great men in her life who shaped her correctly.
  • The blissful experience to be in a feminine state is a privilege in modernity.
  • Politics is not your domain.
  • Women’s power exists because of men. Women dropped on a remote island are a bunch of powerless women.
  • A woman’s watch is a bracelet pretending to be a watch.
  • Can make good use of eyes expressions.
  • A woman has to be protect her innocence to be at her feminine best. Being exposed to the increasing liberal world or just understanding the cruel real world, is going to make this difficult.
  • Skirt does not end above the knees.
  • Trad wear > Rest
  • Ageing teaches humility to a good looking woman who had been corrupted by her power.
  • Protect your innocence as best as possible, with having losing innocence to be an irreversible step. The post modern society does not allow for innocence to be left in a woman.
  • Be high in morals.
  • A woman’s presence should be uplifting others.
  • A woman adorning herself in jewelry is adding to her feminine value.
  • A woman is incomplete without modesty.
  • Women have to work. Even harder after marriage.
  • A woman’s procreational drive should be overriding her evolutionary drive to fit into a decayed society.
  • A smart woman recognizes her natural female power and at her prime years gets hold of a man who recognizes the same.
  • There is a direct relationship between the level of feminist ideology by which a woman lives by and her depression level.
  • Woman tip – Natural hair color > Dyed hair color
  • A woman with poise, grace and style is the right representation of a woman’s power.
  • A woman becomes a woman, when she wants to become a mother.
  • The sound emitting from jewellery like anklets and bangles, gives the woman wearing it a feminine aura.
  • Traditional femininity is powerful.
  • A smart woman knows the way to get a man to do her bidding. She pleases, requests, plays the damsel, plays the girl card etc, and with that a man obliges her. A stupid woman argues and demands, getting nothing out from men.
  • Women have to learn to resist peer pressure. Modern culture is designed for self destruction.
  • You get one life and you are going to die. Be more fearless but make right decisions in life.
  • Women make a better world through their chasteness and smile.

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