What is Karma ?

What is Karma ? An Atheistic way at looking at Karma.

Law of Karma – Time tested philosophy of more than 3500 years.

Good Karma is about keeping the mind in Highest consciousness, moving away from which leads to Bad Karma. Every person at every second of existence is operating his mind at a particular state of consciousness. The state of consciousness, affects the bliss and right decision making ability. The state of highest consciousness, leads to what is to be understood as the best Karmic state. Operating the mind from a specific level of consciousness (action) results in an equivalent level of spiritual bliss and best possible materialistic success outcome (reaction). As every action has a reaction, so higher the consciousness in thinking, better the fruits of reaction. One way of looking at Karma is that all true Psychopaths in the end get destroyed and they live miserable life, & not because of Karma as understood as sin, but because of having to operate their mind from a lower level of consciousness, which leads them to making other mistakes in life and also because such lower consciousness moves them existential Detachment bringing more suffering.

Karma also means – our suffering is to be understood as the result of the bad Karma of the past, which even extends to the past life. This gives meaning to luck and suffering in life. Karma is not real but its importance to detachment is to be understood as such. When you have enough of good Karma, then you can break the cycle of birth and death, and through this your soul attains MOKSHA and ends your suffering of life. Example : Wanting to take revenge is a form of worldly attachment and hence a Bad Karma, so it is better to forgive for the soul, and so concept of Karma helps here also with Detachment.

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