What is Love ?

  • Love and Lust are two components of a relationship. When one exists less, the other has to compensate for it.
  • No one falls in Love with a Dark Triad mindset. No one can make the other fall in Love with the other having a Dark Triad mindset.
  • No one negotiate one’s self into love.
  • Lust is an emotion of lower spiritual consciousness than Love.
  • LOVE is a sacrifice and living for the other. LOVE is a submission to the other.
  • Love is an emotional act of sacrifice for a woman which is shown by giving herself in the service of her husband and their children. But, she can make this sacrifice only to a man who can cherish her and provide for the family.
  • Love is not a virtue just like Lust, as both are just reproductive emotions that bind the soul to this world.
  • Lust exists, to get a man and a woman to copulate. Love exists, so that the couple remains together after copulation.
  • Love is one’s submission to the other, and thus necessitates nobility in a person to be capable of giving love.
  • Love is a biological compulsion for the superior genes. Love exists in nature so that the male and female stick together, to raise their offsprings. Parents who remain together for their offsprings, rather than abandoning them after birth, are pursuing a more successful reproduction strategy.
  • Love is a natural gender equalizer. A gender equalizer in a complementary way. The woman submits to the man. The man dominates and submits to the woman. And with it, the woman is equal to the man.
  • Love is a Right wing ideology, because liberal cucks and sluts can’t fall in love with each other.
  • Liberal sexuality is to use LUST to keep the bond between the couple, and it fails. Trad sexuality is to use LOVE to keep the bond between the couple, and it works.
  • Falling in Love is a series of emotions, which cannot take place like a cold – hearted business deal.
  • LOVE kills feminism, as it affirms a woman’s natural power. Where is the need of feminism for a woman who is loved and cherished ? Love has been the biggest victim of feminism.
  • Falling in Love is the meeting of traditional masculinity with traditional femininity.
  • Every couple basis a relationship somewhere on a spectrum of Love – Lust. The Trad oriented tilt towards the side of Love, and the Liberal oriented tilt towards the side of Lust.
  • Love is evolutionary selfishness in selflessness.

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