Jains – The highest concentration of Billionaires in the world

The 2.3 million Gujarati – Marwari Jain Community of North Western India, referred to as Jains in this article, can be said to have the maximum Billionaires in the world, when controlled for the size of the population.

While the census of India puts the total Jain population as around 4 million total Jains, the other Jains are mostly converts to Jainism from certain castes having come under the influence of Jain monks as they chartered into unknown territory in their ascetic journey from NW India from where Jains originated from.

Historically, Jains have been among the wealthiest people in the world. Virji Vora was put as the wealthiest merchant by The East India Company Factory Records around the year 1600 A.D. Jagat Seth was also considered as one of the richest man of his time around 1750 A.D. Note that India was the largest economy in the world during these times. Going even more in the past, Jains have been financiers of Kings and built the Mahajan system – the financial guilds.

To get an understanding, India as of 2022 has 165 billionaires out of the roughly 3000 billionaires in the world.

Going over the billionaire list by surnames, Gujarati Jains (1 million) have a sharper presence in the Forbes Billionaire list of India as compared to the other Jains – the Marwari Jains (1.3 million). The rest of India’s Billionaire list is majorly graced by non – Jain community of the Gujarat – Marwar region, whose culture is the most strongly influenced by Jainism in India, and if these sister communities are to be considered as a larger stronger Jain influenced groups, then the number of billionaires created view becomes even more impressive. Gujarat had been culturally a Jain State with being a location of the Indus Valley Civilization of the past – which was a Jain civilization, that even today though the Jains are 1 percent of Gujarat’s population, the Jain identity and Gujarati identity is still somewhat in sync. The current culture and political representation of Gujarat is not a representation of its past truer Jain roots.

Jains also have a High net worth in places where they settled outside of India like USA, Belgium and African countries. The GDP per capita of Jain – American men would be near $150000 by my approximation, making it the highest racial income in United States.

It can be also be argued that Jews have higher Billionaire count than the Jains, which is true numerically and there are reasons for that –

  1. Jews benefitted massively in a more Free Market booming economic times of Smarter USA (Avg IQ of USA is 100) and their independent state of Israel (Avg IQ of Israel is 94), meanwhile Jains had to suffer in the Soviet style State led Socialist economy of Dumber India (Avg IQ of India is 82), the nationalist – socialist economic model to which Jains had strongly opposed to during India’s independence from British Raj, and thereby reducing their Billionaire count potential. The IQ of Israel which is at 94 which can perhaps be considered to be a proxy for IQ of Jews, meanwhile the IQ of Jains is near 120 considering that most of them are in high earning professions like being a doctor or being a good entrepreneur etc and by their significant presence in top universities like IIT in India and Stanford in West. Jains also work for companies like Google and have good presence in Silicon Valley. The cultural ideas of Jainism also suggests the work of extremely high IQs, example traits like Non-Violence, Vegetarianism, Non – belief in creator God. Being creators of Indus Valley civilization is just another proof. On a side note, to get a better understanding of the global IQ; the Koreans, Chinese and Japanese have an IQ of 104, which translates as the second highest IQ grouping. The world IQ map and IQ by occupation are below for reference –

2. Do also keep in mind that the Jews have a total population of around 20 million compared to the near 2 million of Jains, so size bias has to be taken into consideration.

Complete admiration for the Jews too for creating such a large number of billionaires, and on the streets of Antwerp, Belgium both the Jains and Jews work together cordially in controlling the global Diamond business.

I would like to conclude using the above ideas that Jains with having the highest IQ in the world, guided by their rich philosophical culture, along with their entrepreneurial drive has enabled Jains to become the wealthiest community in the world, along with creating the highest number of billionaires controlled for population size, and in spite of the environment in which they were placed.

I would like to add a note on Jain Capitalism : Capitalism / Free Market in the purest form, also causes wealth accumulation in few hands, and hence to negate wealth inequality, charity is encouraged and excess wealth is to be shunned by the principles set by Jain Capitalism. It is the moral duty of the successful capitalist to look after others in the community, which includes acts like building schools and hospitals, and such is observed in the city of Mumbai. Animals are also not to be left behind and adequate funding is provided for their shelter. Charity is encouraged and Organ donation upon death also is common. Wealth should not be coming at the expense of damage to environment, is also a principle of Jain Capitalism with having environmentalism to be an engrained principle of Jainism. This all is Jain Capitalism – the perfected system of Economic model.

Jainism is the religion of the High IQ Conservatives, also can be put in the modern sense as being Conservative – Libertarians.

It is ironic that Jains who originated with, and believe in detachment, renunciation and ascetism, are the ones able to accumulate the maximum wealth.

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