What is Patriarchy ?

Patriarchy is derived from the word ‘Paternal’ which means fatherly. As a Patriarch, men take responsibility for the welfare of women, and in turn women trust men to look after their interests. It should not be in any way be a source of abuse or wrongful domination by men. It is leadership role for men. All patriarchies have not been same and some have abused women like the ones seen in Afghanistan currently, and this article is not about defending all patriarchy. My patriarchy referred hereby is the Jain patriarchy – the patriarchy which civilized the world. Every particular religion is a particular patriarchy.

The existence/nature/god/universe/biology has created men as the superior gender, due to which men cherish and protect women, just as like women take care of children. Women in spite of being the inferior gender in a sense, have as much value and power as men, as her power flows out from her inferiority. Femininity is as powerful as Masculinity in a complementary manner. Femininity = Masculinity. Patriarchy was a gift to women, and not an oppression.

Patriarchy is civilization, and to destroy patriarchy is to destroy civilization.

Patriarchy is LOVE. When there is no patriarchy, there is no LOVE; not even between family members.

Patriarchy was always a burden on men, which they took it up for the betterment of everyone.

Wisdom is hard to come by for everyone, which comes naturally to intelligent patriarchs. Only a few can grasp it, without the active support of the patriarchs. Democracy is Anti – Patriarchy which makes democracy to be destructive, as it is devoid of wisdom.

  • The origins and flow of wisdom :
  • Intelligent Patriarchal Men –> Spiritual wisdom
  • Spiritual wisdom <– Man –> Woman –> Child
  • Spiritual wisdom <– Woman –> Child

Patriarchy provided a superior structure to life to 95 %. Rituals and customs in place, reinforced it. Patriarchy was a superior form of brainwashing that was provided to the 95 % by the 5 % i.e the patriarchs. Without patriarchy, the 95 % have been on a destructive path.

Wordly life is suffering for all. Human nature has sick elements. Patriarchy made life more digestible. The society needs the patriarchs for it’s survival & not the reverse.

Is Patriarchy or Feminism the natural state of existence ? Which is nature vs nurture ? Which is socially imposed? According to be me both are natural state, and the answer will wary depending on whether the question is asked to a conservative or a liberal natured.

Patriarchy = Chaste feminine women + Strong men ; Feminism = Masculine hoes + Cucks

Patriarchy benefited maximum to those types, who have actively destroyed it, and are their biggest haters. The liberals were the greatest beneficiary of the patriarchy.

The pain of the loss of patriarchy is not really the feminist – liberal crowd. The pain point overlooked is the loss of moral values. Without moral values, humans become destructive and evil, which contributes to the rise in sociopathy. Eventually the society collapses.

Patriarchy brought the best out of women. Feminism has brought the worst out of women. Women, left on their own self destruct. The loss of patriarchy and observing the resultant women, is the proof.

The loss of patriarchy has just brought out the reality of humans – Most humans are terrible. Patriarchy was the resistance to evil men and women, who are now free to be wicked.

Feminists (male and female) have been busy smashing the patriarchy since a very long time, being guided by the ELITES for their agenda. What are men doing besides watching it happen ? Nothing. Because nothing can be done. It is the cosmic wheel of time. Live through the decay.

Because patriarchy is not going to come back in society for a long while, it has to be recreated for one’s self and lived in its bubble.

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