Why are Jains so smart?

Jains have the highest IQ for any race having undergone maximum human evolution.

The IQ of Jains is about 120 considering that most of them are in high earning professions like being a doctor or being a good entrepreneur etc and by their significant presence in top universities like IIT in India and Stanford in West, where the IQs maybe nearing 130. Jains also work for companies like Google and have good presence in Silicon Valley. On a side note, to give a better understanding of the global IQ; the Koreans, Chinese and Japanese have an IQ of 104, which translates as the second highest IQ grouping. The world IQ map and IQ by occupation are below for reference –

  • The cultural traits of Jainism suggests the work of extremely high IQs, traits like Non-Violence, Vegetarianism, Non – belief in creator God etc. Jain culture has appreciation for – Non – Violence, Moral Values, Liberty, Freedom of Speech, Monogamy, Spiritual Detachment, Charity ,Giving back to the society, compassion for all life forms including microbes and vegetation. The most evolved culture, and nothing can get better than this.
  • Jains have the lowest birth rates in the world of 0.6, and the highest life expectancy.
  • Jain race created Indus valley civilization.
  • Jain race has the highest concentration of billionaires in the world.

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