Low IQ Conservatives

The below is a list of problems which Low IQ right wingers create in this world –

  • Authoritarians (create tyranny) who don’t respect liberty. Freedom of Speech does not exists for them.
  • Religious bigots (includes zeal for conversions of others, including proselytizing by violence or deceit or bribery). Secularism concept does not exist for them.
  • Race bigots (includes casteists) : reflects on tribal mindset. 1000s of years of caste oppression and human slavery. Racists filths.
  • Forced patriotism – In India, nationalists made a law of compulsory playing the national anthem before the beginning of screening of a movie in a cinema hall which also included making people stand up for the same.
  • Forced morals – Their version of morality is forced upon everyone.
  • Nationalism : Nationalism is the opium of Low IQs. Nationalists don’t see the individual living his life, rather they want everyone to become a slave of their nation. Nationalists live for the State and worship it, and expect everyone else also to be like.
  • Violent by nature. Religion tends to make low IQ men to become violent. Some religious people of certain religions, will even kill you for insulting their God or Prophet or some sacrilege. Some nations have blasphemy laws embed in their constitution. Live by Sword and Die by Sword mentality.
  • War mongers: The more the low IQ person becomes religious, the more the tendency for war springs up.
  • Environment destroyers: Lack intelligence to understand climate change, and the need for environmentalism.
  • Not Free market capitalists eg loving import tariffs on products, and wanting State corporations to exist. Nationalists want the government to run many sectors of economy.
  • Expand the STATE which leads to greater tyranny and hence misery. Also, governments should be localized and not centralized. Centralization is a Marxist/Nationalist, concept of governance. The job of the Nationalists is to keep on piling laws to create a bigger tyrannical state.
  • Identity thieves. This point overlaps with Nationalist belief. Since cultural intellectual property creation is near non – existent due to low IQ, usurping the work and the historical identity comes naturally. Steal and appropriate the identity of others and then reverse show false superiority over the same group whose heritage has been stolen. Appropriating Swastika symbol – a symbol of Jains, was and is used by white supremacist groups i.e Nazis in west. The entire Jain identity gets appropriated by nationalists in India. Indus valley civilization of Jains gets claimed by various groups.

Low IQ Conservatives have contributed to the decaying ages in their own way. This article is not to hate, but to understand the misery which Low IQ conservatives end up creating for all, including for themselves. People are the way they are, and they did not have a choice in being born such way, and they need guidance to make them understand their destructive nature. Low IQ conservatives have not undergone enough human evolution to come out of such primitive mindset which Mid IQs and High IQ’s have evolved out of. Freedom remains the human evolutional concept of the Highest IQs ( IQ > 120 ).

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