Depopulation agenda

The global Elites have rightly been concerned about the growing world population and its resultant effect – climate change. Climate change should rightly be the priority, and not economic growth which has been coming off through destroying environment. Overpopulation increases carbon footprints, which harms environment & thereby threatens survival for many besides causing economic damage, and also depresses standard of living and quality of life of people, all of which necessitates depopulation. Word population needs to be brought down to 5 billion from the current nearing 9 billion.

They have been been socially engineering the society globally, to reverse population growth and reduce carbon foot prints, through the use of state violence and manipulations. The world population is still expected to grow more in the future before falling.

United nations, IMF and World Bank are organizations that have been inducted and they carry out this project by creating economic policies that eliminate jobs and promote environment friendly growth which is stealthy called as 4th Industrialization, and which includes digitalization and Green energy promotion. The masses have been kept sedated from rebelling by creating distractions and sedating through the use pornography and cheap entertainment. By promoting feminist and liberal ideologies, the birth rates are further made to plunge. All of this, makes it next to impossible to have children by the mass majority. The intention behind this project is hidden and it is presented as “Sustainable Development Goals” by United Nations, and is called as UN agenda 2030 which began in the Year 2015. This is a successor to the UN agenda 21, which has been running since the Year 1992 on similar lines.

This nice representation has officially been shown –

The Problem beyond the obvious ones ?

In this agenda, individuals and their communities are not important because the planning is a mass central global planning, due to which certain communities and ethnic groups are disproportionately affected with their fall in birth rates and a fair share of everyone arresting population growth does not take place.

Such a planning also leads to dysgenics, adding to the already reverse Darwinism which has been taking place due to the various leftist and nationalist policies that have been practice since a century, and the world IQ will continue to drop and will lead to a future world with dumber genetics.

Phase 1: Socialism/Nationalism – Let the Low IQs and the unproductive leftist Mid IQs, breed out of control. Demographics got altered with a smaller % of high IQs.

Phase 2: Feminism– To stop the population explosion, push feminism that ends up killing the High IQ population the most. Demographics altered again with even a smaller % of high IQs.

The Highest IQs are naturally the most sensitive to population growth and population density due to evolutionary reasons and so tend to have lesser children. In addition to this, the higher the IQ, the lesser the number of children holds true as Higher IQ parents tend to invest more in limited offsprings and seek financial security before thinking of having children. Hence with the depopulation push as set in full swing, the highest IQs and the highest IQ communities are the most affected by such planning and which will lead to their near extinction in the future. A birth rate of 2.1 is required for a community to maintain it’s population and the highest IQ community in the world – Jains have a birth rate near 0.6, and South Koreans are having a birth rate of 1 currently. The Highest IQs in the world have been having the lowest birth rate and then from the top to the bottom of the IQ chain, the birth rates increases.

The most angering thing about this vision is the high handed psychopathic thinking these people have. Has any introspection gone on the cause of the population expansion ? Are they willing to point out to Nationalism and Socialism which allowed for the population expansion ? Who are these Elites to destroy culture, civilization and traditions that have persisted for 4000 years? Who are these people to dictate and shape the world according to their vision? Who has given these people the authority to carry out such an execution going on since last 3 decades ?

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From the point of view of the elites : The people’s misery is only going to worsen even without the reset planning of the elites, due to serious concerns like climate change which the masses are incapable of understanding & tackling. It is not that elites are creating misery for the masses out of sadism, but due to serious concerns of overpopulation and climate change. Are people willing to give up on socialism on their own, which funds their breeding ? Do low IQ people care about family planning, and not be having excessive children ? Do people care about giving up on meat and switching to a vegetarian diet or to a Jain diet – the most environment friendly diet?

To those people who are opposing the Great Reset : Even if you do manage to stop The Great Reset, all the people of this globe will still continue to suffer otherwise like due to overpopulation, climate change, pandemics and wars. It is not that the elites started their agenda 3 decades ago, and before that everything was fine. Which world do you want to return back to ? The one which has already been destroyed by Low IQs and Parasitic leftists ? A nation where the king is a Low IQ theocrat or a Low IQ nationalist or a Communist ? A nation running on a joke called as Democracy ?

Jains have understood the decaying ages of time as being inevitable, and which has been in motion since 2000 B.C. The loss of Jain values is the Decaying Ages of Time.

Jainism (2000 B.C ) –> Authoritarian Rightist Tyranny –> Authoritarian Leftist Tyranny –> Collapse.

“Great Reset” or not, the increasing misery to the end of time remains.

The world is on the right track – towards collapsing and then rebuilding again.

Misery is here to stay. Accept it.

It is going to be – You’ll own nothing and you’ll be miserable.


To summarize the plan –

  • Weaken and Feminize the Men, Empower and Masculinize the Women.
  • Push feminist and liberal agenda through the use of government laws, media, universities etc.
  • Destroy small businesses that drive financially independent men out of income.
  • Create Global Mega corporations leading to fewer jobs and which are to exclusively hire women.
  • Monopolize and formalize the old non – digital economy.
  • Push digitalization, monopolize the tech industry and make people compete at a global level through digital interface.
  • Adopt automation and likes of artificial intelligence to destroy low skill jobs (and their birth rates).
  • Destroy religions & traditions through infiltration of social justice; Destroy Patriarchy
  • The mainstream Right wing political party is to serve as a Left wing political party, thereby making elections irrelevant, leading to destruction of nationalism and local culture & ushering in globalism.
  • Run psychological operations through the use of television media, social media etc and control the narrative.
  • Run this agenda with focus on women as being the the easier targets; ramp up with women’s hypergamy.
  • Push woke agenda to keep the leftists busy from whining about lack of labor unions. The social justice campaigns run by corporations is a PR deflection from stagnant wages, destruction of unions, job instability, long hours, gig work, pushing for & retaining female workers.
  • Create Digital IDs which are likely to be used to outcaste those opposing the set narrative.
  • Orchestrate Wealth inequality so that the masses lack finance to reproduce; support higher inflation with lower bank rates
  • Promote sexual liberation through pornography, Tinder, LGBT, degenerate music videos etc, something which the masses find more accepting with having no future.
  • Promote Renewable energy usage.
  • Groom young leaders to carry this agenda into the future.
  • End privacy with internet and CCTV’d society.
  • Provide unlimited entertainment through cheap internet and online streaming services to give the masses their bread and circus.
  • Use all tricks available to destroy anyone who can oppose this agenda.
  • Push a lifestyle of hedonism and consumerism onto the masses.
  • Promote Oligarchic Venture Capitalism to lead to the destruction of free market and superior capitalism, through capital dumping and destroy massively existing businesses with making use of the marketing term of being a ‘disruptor’.
  • Show and put women as the political head of states, governmental organizations and corporate boardrooms.
  • Make use of cheap internet to promote this social engineering to the remotest villages on Earth.
  • Support for organic farming and soil improvement.
  • To restrict air travel.

To achieve the goal of –

A sadder darker world awaits in the future for all, and undeservingly more so for the Highest IQs.

So what should you doing ?

Solution / The way forward :

Be a Darwinism winner by aiming to emerge relatively better than others. You cannot and shouldn’t go against The Reset Agenda.


See life spiritually and adopt a mindset of Non – violence and Detachment, which will help in reducing one’s suffering.

How ? By practicing Jainism as Jainism has been Designed for the Decaying ages.

Understand Jainism here.

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