Right wing consciousness Vs Left wing consciousness

Why do two distinct political ideologies exist ?

With having,

Right wing varying depending on the religion practiced, and Left wing varies depending on the its form like labor unions and feminism ?

Because Right wing and Left liberal wing are two modes of reproduction, namely Love and Promiscuity respectively in its purest form.

Love is a Right wing ideology.

Pure Lust‘ aka promiscuity is a Left wing ideology.

In our human evolutionary past, we encountered different environments which made long term mating and short term mating as two choices to be beneficial, with the long term mating corresponding to Right wing, and Promiscuity corresponding to Left wing. All of us humans, have one strong default state between either the Right wing or Left wing, and the cultural environment and age changes the tilt towards one side.

Long term mating environment required merit which led to moral values being developed, and the concept of winner and loser. Family members stayed together in helping the child grow, which led to the emotionally bonding state amongst each other. This led to the ideology of nationalism and tribalism emerging, which the High IQ conservatives emerged out from, which low IQs have not been able to.

Low IQ’s compete on the basis of violence for merit, which being the reason of religions making low IQ males violent and war mongers. The Higher IQ males compete on gathering resources in a more civilized way, which translates into the modern world as acquiring wealth. The Higher IQs have evolved to be Non – violent, and came out of their primitive warrior past.

Short term mating required indiscriminate mating, which led to the environment being anti – merit (Marxism and Socialism). Sex with anyone gave rise to the tolerance to homosexuality. In such environment since females were left alone to raise the child, they had to act more masculine, and the male had lesser need to be masculine, and hence the ideology of feminism emerged. Such environment hated physical confrontation between males as it disturbed promiscuity, which being the reason liberalism making males non – aggressive. In such mating environment, it also made sense for parents to sexualize their children from an early age, to pass on their genes better, and this is observed in the liberal minded parents of today with the clothing wear of their young daughters and acceptance of slut feminism.

An objective analysis, leads to the conclusion of conservative consciousness being a better evolutionary state, with the mindset of the higher IQ conservatives representing the state of civilization building.

Spirituality which means a state of detachment to worldly life, is a state closer to the conservative evolution times. God is evolutionary emotion developed out of fear as remembering god is an attempt to get temporarily detachment from worldly sense. Different levels of detachment are possible, with having the highest IQs mastering detachment onto themselves, and leading to the emergence of Jainism. Jains don’t believe in a creator god, and hold that the person who masters detachment becomes god – like in manner and seeks it followers to be more detached.

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