How many children to have ?

Consider the reality –

  • Overpopulation and Climate change are serious issues causing massive problems along with the solutions that have been put in action to contain them.
  • Economic growth is permanently over, so providing for a child will be difficult. Also to factor that, more the number of children, the lesser the share of inheritance each gets.
  • Traditional culture will be completely lost in the coming decades to be completely replaced by liberalism.
  • Mental depression is worsening.
  • When people around you are choosing to be childless or bringing only 1 child and then raising them poorly, then the question arises whether the culture and environment is suitable ?
  • Raising a child means needing a support network – family members and community members are helpful. With the atomized society, will others be able to help you? Family structure has been destroyed through feminism and has been replaced with self interest mode.
  • Life expectancy is dropping with the passing generations.
  • Violence and crime is increasing.
  • Civilization is dying off at a fast rate and freedom is being lost.

Is it fair to bring a child in this rapidly decaying world and then give that child a miserable existence ?

But then one cannot kill their genetic lineage, and lose purpose of life and create an existential crisis for themselves.

I would say bringing 1 child in this world seems right for most people, and the miserable existence is be considered as one’s bad luck.

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