Being a great Wife

  • In public, a couple should always put up a united front. If asked – “Do you guys fight ?” Correct answer – “No, it does not happen as our connection is very strong.”
  • The wife should appreciate his hard work and be his source of respite.
  • A wife should be taking pride in being a better wife than the other women. She requires her to be introspective. A wife should make statements like “I am not like other wives “, ” I am just a good wife that I___”. ” I am such a good wife that I am not demanding “
  • The woman is the center around whom family is built.
  • The wife has to do as told by her caring husband.
  • Be a source of inspiration for him to become a better man.
  • Your body is not for public display.
  • A wife’s job is to appreciate the man’s burden, respect him, love him and worship him as her god.
  • Be smiling, and avoid complaining. A wife’s smile keeps the husband motivated to carry forward the burden of patriarchy.
  • A man is naturally possessive of the woman he impregnates.
  • After marriage, her old identity is gone forever. She becomes Mrs. ____His name_______ which is her new identity.
  • The wife is in charge of the kitchen. The husband should not even be entering the kitchen.
  • A woman should never be insulting or complaining about her man to anyone.
  • A woman should serve as an inspiration for her man to achieve greatness, so that he can serve her and their children better.
  • See him as your god who is to be worshipped.
  • Never lose respect for him.
  • It is your job to inspire him to be a better man.
  • A woman must consciously learn not wanting to manipulate him.
  • She is the dietician and the nurse of the family.
  • A man knows when to escalate a conflict in public with strangers. A woman doesn’t understand long term consequences of fights & wants her man to be violent to protect.  A woman should be his saving face in fights nor should she be seeing him as a coward.
  • She can expect to receive some gift once in a while like a bouquet of flowers or a cheap earrings.
  • He is your only hero and you cannot be having a liking for any male celebrity.
  • Her money is his money. His money is their money.
  • Delete all your social media accounts.
  • A man who is Detached will not appear weak in Love nor will he get manipulated. Just the way you want.
  • A man owes his Boomer In – laws nothing and has no responsibility towards them. A married woman can take care of her parents but don’t expect a man to do so for her parents, as that obligation died with the coming of feminist – liberal society.
  • He makes the final decision impacting them after listening to her.
  • Single women and married women looking to cheat will hit on him. Don’t bother if you have selected your husband well.
  • He makes decisions like the choice of restaurant. In the restaurant, he even orders the food for both, since she can’t ever make up her mind and expects him to order anyways.
  • The wife assumes ownership of everything that a man own’s, and which is fine.
  • He also need to learn to compromise like having to go to see the cherry blossom or to the tulip festival.
  • He takes more decisions. Leads her. Guides her. Disciplines her. Puts her down. Encourages her to become better.
  • The wife should have small decision making power like selecting the color of the curtains in the bedroom, so that she doesn’t feel being left out of decision making and it also satiates her want of having influencing power.
  • Most couple lie on the way they met, and weave a story to tell others.

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