Learn to be a High Value Woman

Pointers to learning traditional femininity and becoming a better woman –

  • A woman who has lost her shyness has lost her charm.
  • If a woman wants to be a good mother, she has to be traditional and there are no two ways to it.
  • A beautiful woman has a beautiful mind.
  • The right kind of femininity – untainted, soulful, virtuous, incorruptible, vulnerable, playful, non – bitter, innocent, lovable.
  • A woman becomes a woman when she wants to be a mother.
  • Simplicity in looks is an indication of a beautiful inside.
  • Outer beauty is impossible without having inner beauty. Be more virtuous and spiritual to have inner beauty.
  • Spiritual grounding can undo most of the feminist thinking that has gone inside a woman’s head.
  • Good usage of eyeliner makes a big difference in getting a mesmerizing appeal.
  • A woman adorning herself is increasing her worth and her appeal.
  • The sound emitting from jewellery like anklets and bangles, gives the woman wearing it a feminine aura.
  • Develop inner femininity.
  • Meditation will help in controlling your emotional turbulent state of mind. Be Calm, Composed and Grounded.
  • Femininity = Masculinity. Both the genders are manifestations of power. Femininity is as powerful as masculinity.
  • The further a woman gets seduced by feminism, the further that woman strays from finding Love.
  • A woman’s goal in life should be to become an overeducated housewife. A woman should become a techie/doctor/certified accountant only to give it up after marriage or work part – time or help him with his business or otherwise.
  • Be traditionally feminine, and not just feminine.
  • A woman’s goal in life should be to become an overeducated housewife. A woman should become a techie/doctor/certified accountant only to give it up after marriage or work part – time or help him with his business or otherwise.
  • A woman’s best curve is her smile.
  • The first person to hate for a woman upon awakening is her liberal or weak father. Forgive your father and improve for the better. Ideally, a woman is supposed to be trad minded from the start.
  • The blissful experience to be in a feminine state is a privilege in modernity.
  • Women’s power exists because of men. Women dropped on a remote island are a bunch of powerless women.
  • Can make good use of eyes expressions.
  • Harshness of life should not be withering a woman. A woman has to be protect herself from the harshness of the world so as to retain her innocence, and thereby not become bitter with life that will rob lively femininity out of her, but while doing so she cannot also remain ignorant of the cruel world and existence that will harm her, creating a paradoxical situation. Living life based on intelligent wisdom will help in this situation to a great extent.
  • Femininity is warm, nurturing and caring.
  • The trend of early puberty onset in young women is evolution at work adjusting for promiscuous environment and lowering life expectancy.
  • Great Woman = great nature + shaped by great man. Every great woman has been as a result of the great men in her life who shaped her correctly.
  • Have zero male friends.
  • Be high in morals and be virtuous.
  • A ‘Strong woman’ is one who is grounded in higher consciousness which helps her in being resilient while retaining her femininity.
  • 80s had career feminism pushed.90s had slut feminism pushed. A woman in the truest sense i.e a traditionally feminine woman, is neither a careerist nor a slut. Till a woman recognizes and purges the influences of feminism and liberalism, she will remain in an ignorant state and her Karma will hurt her.
  • Be a capable trad feminine woman.
  • Unless a woman is serious with wanting a strong marriage and having a kid, she will not be able to have the right mindset that defines traditional femininity.
  • Be Fun loving, Cheerful, Calm, Grounded, Shy, Cute, Innocent, Chaste, Sweet, Soft – spoken, Kind, Graceful, Well – mannered and compassionate.
  • Learn to accept truth and not be offended by it.
  • Outer and Inner beauty, both have value.
  • Absorb masculine virtues of honor and loyalty.
  • A woman not grounded in best consciousness will keep getting influenced by consciousness of inferior ideologies. Her superior consciousness maintained, is her resistance and the state of her best Karma.
  • The high quality woman fails at being hot because of her inner beauty and persona, which does not allow for it.
  • A woman deludes herself to create situations in her mind that seems to be beneficial to her. This is playing on ignorance, and ignorance hurts eventually. Seek truth, accept reality, be detached and then live positively.
  • A sad woman does not make for an attractive woman.
  • Be more of maturely cute, and less of childish cute or silly cute.
  • ‘Sensually’ and modern ‘hot’ is reserved for married women.
  • Trauma destroys femininity. Femininity is vivacious.
  • Build a good personality. Have values, taste, class, polished mannerism, cultural rootedness, interests. Be aware of current affairs.
  • Women are more socially aware and more socially conformist. Be socially aware but don’t be blindly conformist.
  • Don’t dye hair.
  • Create an impressive personality by having deep human values.
  • Be a beautiful woman inside out.
  • Women who go through hell come back withered. Femininity is preserved by being protected from harshness.
  • Beautiful is good looking. Good looking does not have to be beautiful.
  • Feminine voice is sweet and melodious.
  • Be soft – spoken, sober, polite and humble.
  • A classy woman knows the way to conduct herself.
  • If you a want a trad minded husband, a successful marriage and a well raised child, then don’t allow yourself to be consumed by modernity. You have to feel that you belong in a past era.
  • Skirt does not end above the knees.
  • Sexuality is not something to be ashamed of. It is the degenerated liberal sexuality which is stupid and harmful.
  • Don’t hate other women.
  • The goal is to be traditionally minded, and this can be adjusted for modernity.
  • Purpose of Traditional femininity : 1. Find the best mate in the form of a Trad minded man.2. Have kids, be a good wife and mother, and have a stable marriage. 3. Less suffering state of consciousness.
  • Most career women in their 30s are so, because they are out of choice.
  • Learn to be responsible for your actions and your life.
  • Be careful of your influential sources. When the mind is focused on wanting a life long marriage and a well raised child, it should be capable of bulldozing nonsense being spurted.
  • Women are baby incubators and nurturers, which being the source of their power.
  • Femininity is preserved and cultivated.
  • Jeans > Yoga pants. Yoga pants are made for dog moms. No woman has ever looked good in vulgar yoga pants. Classy women don’t wear it.
  • Every job a woman holds is due to affirmative action. For every position, there is a man available who can do the job as opposed to someone mimicking to be a man and propped up by the system driven by vested interests.
  • Between Outer and Inner beauty, the latter has greater depth for improvement.
  • The emotional line of thinking stays even for High IQ sharp women.
  • The opposite gender influences and shapes one’s mindset. Men also understand women and adapt.
  • Learn to cook.
  • No two people are same. Find role models in women – the ones who are virtuous and trad minded.
  • The most impressive characteristic of a woman is to be her virtues and not her looks.
  • Traditional femininity is about being a virtuous woman who wants to be a great mother. It is not being fashionable.
  • Trad minded femininity which can be adjusted for modernity.
  • The Sassy woman is a low quality woman.
  • “Career woman” is a cope for even feminist type of women once they cross 30. Even for the married ones, but then most don’t have an option to quit.
  • Being elegant is mandatory.
  • The best woman is trad natured, has a trad minded father and remained a trad.
  • A woman has to remain emotionally virgin and not just a virgin, till she meets the right man for marriage.
  • Maintain duality of ascetic mindset and worldly mindset. Ascetism is asexuality. Embrace traditional femininity for the wordly life. You are a monk playing a woman.
  • Quality women don’t tend to be on social media and if they are then it is mostly to learn, be updated socially or so. Also, some of them have their accounts locked for privacy reasons.
  • Titles of “Beautiful” and “Pretty” are earned, beyond the luck factor of inheriting good genetics. Intense grooming which includes developing a good aesthetic sense and taking good care of health. But the more difficult part is developing a beautiful mind which requires absorbing wisdom and cultivating virtues. Hence, there are many good looking women but “Beautiful women” are rare.
  • Between the two, better to compromise on losing innocence and thereby an essence of femininity than being delusional. Grounded in reality > Innocence
  • “Women empowerment” : Make women into being careerist – slut to destroy birth rates. The Low IQs need it. High IQ women need to save themselves from extinction.
  • Be extremely kind.
  • The goal is to be a matured feminine woman fit to be a mother.
  • Work on all : Values, maintain good character, develop good personality, absorb wisdom, being culturally rooted. Inner femininity, Outer femininity i.e physical looks and aesthetic sense. Being Street smart and capable
  • Women have as much spiritual awareness as much as men, though they need help from enlightened men to reach better consciousness. Female ascetics have always outnumbered male ascetics.
  • Don’t be annoying.
  • Facial expressions can be used to express inner femininity. A woman’s charm also gets expressed through facial expressions, which serves as a reflection of her inner femininity.
  • Spend considerable time in developing a personality. Women are boring. Be defined beyond looks.
  • Don’t give away your full face photos as profile pictures on social media. Also, A woman who does not seek attention on internet deserves respect. Instagram is for losers.
  • Channel femininity for motherhood. Prepare to be a wife and a mother. Cut off any thinking that you feel would be an impediment to becoming or being a good mother. Be aware constantly.
  • The faster one adapts to the changes taking place, the greater the success in life. Adapt does not mean conform; rather it means to strategize.
  • Young women should not be having the burden of a career to be able to survive. The job market is brutal in most parts of the world and taking on a woman’s femininity and soul.
  • High value women have their Twitter/Social media account on locked privacy mode.
  • A woman who is focussed on becoming a good mother will be able to override all the nonsense that has been pushed onto society.
  • A woman wearing shorts lacks shame besides relfecting lacking in traditional femininity. She represents a whore. Some women lack self – awareness to recognize this and/or are simply conformist that they end up accepting wearing such. A modern woman is a feminist woman, and feminist women are the inferiors of the female gender. Being modern means becoming like these inferiors. It doesn’t even make a woman look hot say like a short skirt, as it leaves nothing for the imagination. It is just vulgar and gives a masculine appeal. Being beautiful is out of question. Also, accompanied with a man makes the man look like a cuck. Also, only a liberal cuck would be okay with his woman wearing shorts.
  • The goal of fallen women is to bring pious women down to their level. Never get influenced from low quality women or one’s wrongly influenced.
  • Innocence is attractive on a woman only when combined with intelligence (not to be mistaken for cunningness). A dumb appearing woman is not an attractive woman.
  • Women don’t belong in the Gym. It comes across as masculine and slutty But how should women lose weight then ? Walk, Jog and resist that ice – cream.
  • Young women have a shallow level of understanding on the power women have over men. At their peak of power, and yet quite ignorant.
  • A woman who comments on politics and has strong political opinions, is not being a feminine woman. Politics is not a woman’s domain.
  • A woman’s career is primarily to serve as a backup before she secures a man’s commitment who wants to provide for her, or that she maybe required to work after marriage, or incase her husband dies, or there is a divorce or some other tragedy takes place
  • A woman needs to learn to control her mind and operate more with logic. Emotional turbulence should not be allowed to get build up.
  • A woman working in the corporate needs to be more careful in being able to retain her femininity.
  • Becoming a mother, changes a woman’s perspective to life and her temperament for better.
  • Imbibe positive masculinity while retaining traditional femininity.
  • No woman has earned any position anywhere as there is always someone (a man) better available for it.
  • Imagine yourself as a mother of 2 children to have a better mindset. What kind of a woman would you be ? What kind of a man would you have married ? What kind of a society would you want ?
  • A woman’s aim in life should be to become an overeducated housewife. Example : A doctor —> Housewife. A woman should pursue a career path like becoming a doctor, so that her high IQ genes get reflected with it, improving her matrimonial prospects, and that she can finally become an overeducated housewife.
  • Becoming a mother, changes a woman’s perspective to life and her temperament for better.
  • Imbibe positive masculinity while retaining traditional femininity.
  • No woman has earned any position anywhere as there is always someone (a man) better available for it.
  • Imagine yourself as a mother of 2 children to have a better mindset. What kind of a woman would you be ? What kind of a man would you have married ? What kind of a society would you want ?
  • Have a good aesthetic sense. Look presentable. Look well – groomed. Dress Well (Classy/Trad).
  • Be Calm, composed and Grounded.
  • A feminine woman not grounded will get influenced by the modern culture and act as a feminist – liberal unknowingly. Ground your consciousness to be able to recognize and then resist the elements of decay.
  • This is a beauty aspect which is controllable for most part: Grow your hair as long as manageable, as it really adds to beauty. Woman up.
  • If a woman does not have the right influence in her life, she is doomed. She needs to seek the best influence that she can get hold off.
  • Avoid laughing out uncontrollably in public.
  • Be cheerful and happy. Your presence should be source of delight to others.
  • A powerful woman is the pretty traditionally feminine woman.
  • Getting the commitment from a high value man, is a woman’s most important premise in life.
  • A woman is born feminine & the femininity needs some refinement as she grows up. Her job is to preserve her femininity as it loses out with age including in mental aspect. This is important for her well being (spiritual state) and for her being lovable to men.
  • A soulful dancing woman can enchant and bewitch an entire audience.
  • A successful woman is a one who has well raised kids becoming successful adults.
  • Woman’s ambition is to love and be loved and through it she can find happiness which manifests as – creating life and taking care of those around her.
  • Modesty in dressing brings a woman closer to her spiritual state, while also bringing security, contentment and happiness.
  • Real women do not seek masculine power. They seek love through their feminine power and get masculine power through proxy.
  • Being Beautiful > Being Sensual > Being Hot
  • A virtuous woman has boundaries which she does not cross.
  • There is a direct relationship between the level of feminist ideology by which a woman lives by and her depression level.
  • A woman’s procreational drive should be overriding her evolutionary drive to fit into a decayed society.
  • Women have to work, and even harder after marriage.
  • Nail polish should not be black, blue and such colors.
  • Purity in appearance should be reflecting on the purity inside.
  • Be mindful not to appear as a narcissist in pictures.
  • Believing in Astrology and Zodiac personalities is a female defect. This is true even for High IQ women. A woman needs to come out of this.
  • Become such that low quality people are made to realize their worth and are repulsed from you.
  • Don’t be a mix of trad and modern values. Be a trad, adjusted for modernity.

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15 thoughts on “Learn to be a High Value Woman

  1. you wrote “a woman’s goal in life should be to become an overeducated housewife. A woman should become a techie/doctor/certified accountant only to give it up after marriage or work part – time or help him with his business or otherwise.”
    Why though? Why do you say that????

    1. 1. Career exists to sustain life, and that life does not exist to sustain career.
      2. Trad gender roles sustains marriage.
      3. Most women don’t want to work after marriage and are forced to due to conditioning or due to the need of dual income due to high cost of living. It drops even further once a woman has a baby.
      4. By being qualified, she shows that she has higher IQ which is attractive to a Man searching for a wife.

      1. OK, thanks for taking the time to reply. But I’m studying for my MBA. Lot of time and money involved but it will be worth it. Do you really say I should think about giving this up to spend my days cleaning, cooking, sewing and looking after babies? I dont know anyone who dreams of being an over-educated housewife? Do you? Are they happy???

  2. A woman’s feminity is always seen as a resource to exploit for men. Beware of these men who pretend to be well wishers. They are no good themselves and you won’t like them as person.

    Pursue spirituality for your OWN tranquility. NOT TO BECOME AN HOUSEWIFE.
    Women should pursue their own wellbeing and if they find a partner who adds to it, fine. If not, stay clear of conniving men.

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