Learn to be a Man

Pointers for learning traditional masculinity and becoming a better man –

  • Be calm and take time to react
  • A man’s ambition should be overcoming obstacles and negative experiences faced in his life, to find greater success.
  • Entertaining degeneracy weakens a man, and makes him a slave to his lustful thoughts and to licentious women.
  • Feel like a Man. You are a powerful force of nature. Project masculinity.
  • A man’s self – confidence builds with his mastery of existence.
  • “I want to be more powerful” should be in a man’s mindset.
  • A man should be politely assertive. Only when dealing with savages, he can show aggressiveness.
  • Clean shaven > Stubble > Beard
  • To be a man is to be a solution – provider.
  • Always appear to be in control.
  • Malicious women are expert in provoking anger in men with which that they can make him look as the devil and herself as the poor victim in other people’s eyes. When a man keeps calm, he becomes immune to such tactics and is able to handle such situations better.
  • A successful man is more at ease with life and he is also more forgiving to others. Success gets a man some peace as he has proven himself to others.
  • In the barbaric past, male competitiveness was decided by the ability to inflict violence. In the civilized world, male competitiveness is decided by the ability to generate wealth.
  • Successful Patriarch > All other types of males.
  • A man who has given up his urge to conquer is already dead.
  • You have to make your life happen.
  • Aggressiveness and Cunningness is rarely found in the same Man. Have both and switch modes. Be careful, a Man should be Cunning (And Kind) + Aggressive (Put on Act)
  • A man’s silence and his sharp eyes communicate a lot more than having to unnecessarily speak.
  • A man should be composed while having high energy.
  • A man has to be hard on himself.
  • A man’s Net worth should be increasing constantly and at the same time he should be remaining indifferent about it.
  • A man should attempt to create a business just for the experience if not anything, as the personal growth that happens is mind boggling with the grit, hard work and superior mindset it takes to make it run. It is also a fast way to ground one in the real world.
  • A man has to protect his – Loved ones, culture & wealth.
  • Your body language should convey – high status, success and extreme humility.
  • The most civilized masculine man is Non – Violent.
  • Avoid blurting out in anger during confrontation and rather have an expressionless face which doesn’t relieve your next move. A silent brooding face appears even more dangerous.
  • Narcissism is an art form to be learned and leveraged. Controlled arrogance is fine.
  • A man is always short of time because he is chasing his goals.
  • The burden of being a man never goes away.
  • Be naturally and silently dominant.
  • A man becomes a man when he wants to be become a good father.
  • Be extremely kind and extremely cunning.
  • Resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword. Live life by Non – violence. Learn to swallow your self – respect and pride, and not be a fool to die for honour or get into greater trouble.
  • A man should have 3 real friends, who help in with tough decision making and when in tough spots.
  • A man’s facial expressions: 1. Calm and grounded 2. Light smiling/joyous 3. Brooding 4. Smirking
  • Be Ambitious + Driven + Hard – working + Polite + Kind + Helpful + Soft – spoken + Spiritual + Cunning
  • Time is on a man’s side, only if remains perseverant in his mission and that luck favors him.
  • A man must remain mentally calm in the face of adversity.
  • Innocence is a privilege afforded to protected women and children.
  • A man has to have a base of reality on which he operates upon and which is to be continuously understood better.
  • A man has to be build himself internally.
  • A man’s outward appearance should be depicting a confident man, even if internally he is realistically unsure or defeated.
  • When a man works for a greater good of society, divine nature gives him more masculine power.

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