Observations of Decaying times

  • As the more conservative minded boomers die, the more traditional influence that they hold is also going away with them, resulting in a worst liberal world emerging.
  • 1950’s – Materially poorer but happier.
  • Male – male friendship has been replaced with a bizarre male – female friendship.
  • To destroy a community, all it takes is feminism.
  • The term ‘progressive’ is correct only in the sense that it is ‘progress’ towards destruction.
  • Falling birth rates coincides with loss in masculinity in men and loss of femininity in women.
  • Both men and women have a conservative and liberal side built inside us, with a stronger leaning onto one side for each person. As the society transitions from a conservative to liberal, the most liberal natured people lead or get influenced towards liberalism. The most conservative who are left behind are the most spiritually conscious.
  • The irreligious have taken over the religious institutions.
  • CCTVS and Cell phone cameras have made life to be a real episode of Big brother show.
  • Accepting democracy meant the eventual end of patriarchy.
  • 80’s was about career feminism; 90’s was about slut feminism. Now both are the mainstream culture.
  • The good men have withdrawn from society.
  • The popularity of food vlogs, cooking vlogs, degenerate music videos and pornography all reflect the ingrained hedonism in the culture.
  • Under the guise of women’s liberation, was also men’s liberation who never wanted to marry and provide, and rather be promiscuous.
  • There has been a massive rise of STDs and it is only going to worsen with the increasing promiscuity.
  • Women in politics and women trying to defend their religion in a leadership position is the mark of a societal collapse already taken place. The irony of being a “religious feminist”.
  • Someone who would have gone in a medical coma in year 2005 and would wake up now, would go back into it with one look at the post modern society.
  • The post – modern society is hell on earth.
  • Tolerance and Apathy are the last virtues of a dying society, because the decay cannot be stopped.

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