Relationship tips for Women

  • In public, a couple should always put up a united front. If asked – “Do you guys fight ?” Correct answer – “No, it does not happen as our connection is very strong.”
  • The wife should appreciate his hard work and be his source of respite.
  • A wife should be taking pride in being a better wife than the other women. She requires her to be introspective. A wife should make statements like “I am not like other wives “, ” I am just a good wife that I___”. ” I am such a good wife that I am not demanding “
  • The woman is the center around whom family is built.
  • The wife has to do as told by her caring husband.
  • Be a source of inspiration for him to become a better man.
  • Your body is not for public display.
  • You have to submit to him.
  • A wife’s job is to appreciate the patriarch’s burden, respect him, love him and worship him as her god.
  • Be smiling, and avoid complaining. A wife’s smile keeps the husband motivated to carry forward the burden of patriarchy.
  • A man is naturally possessive of the woman he impregnates.
  • After marriage, her old identity is gone forever. She becomes Mrs. ____His name_______ which is her new identity.
  • The wife is in charge of the kitchen. The husband should not even be entering the kitchen.
  • A woman should never be insulting or complaining about her man to anyone.
  • Being a stay at home mom, does not mean a woman gets to do nothing and sit idle.
  • A woman should serve as an inspiration for her man to achieve greatness, so that he can serve her and their children better.
  • A woman has no choice but to see her husband as her god, because if she does not, then her marriage will mostly fail, resulting in her being a reproductive failure.
  • Women who do household chores naturally remain more fit.
  • Worship him to receive his Love.
  • Never lose respect for him.
  • It is your job to inspire him to be a better man. Be a quality woman first, and then demand high standards from him. A man should be willing to mountains for his woman.
  • Remain the damsel, he fell in love with.
  • A loving wife has no obligation left for her, on the marital bed.

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