Sustainable development goals

There has been a growing world population and its resultant effect – climate change. Climate change should rightly be the priority, and not economic growth which has been coming off through destroying environment. Environmental concerns should always be at the forefront of human activities. Climate change is a serious issue with having the environment been getting degraded from a long time with Industrialization and making economic growth coming off such to be meaningless, and that deindustrialization needs to be implemented. Overpopulation increases carbon footprints which harms environment & thereby threatens survival for many besides causing economic damage, and that overpopulation also depresses standard of living and quality of life of people, all of which necessitates depopulation. Word population needs to be brought down to 5 billion from the current nearing 9 billion and still growing.

Rightly so, United nations, IMF and World Bank are organizations that have been inducted to tackle the problems. Policies that promote environment friendly growth and which includes digitalization and Green energy promotion have been created along with the promotion of feminist ideology. This called as “Sustainable Development Goals” is shown graphically as below :

Sectors with greater carbon emission will be affected more in the fight against climate change.

The countdown to Net Zero emission with a target year of 2040 A.D to 2070 A.D has been set –

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