Timeless Wisdom

  • Wealth starts having a negative effect beyond a point. Billionaires don’t live a better life than a double digit multi millionaire.
  • The things you own, reverse own you back. Limit possessions.
  • Anger is a wrong emotion to hold which is too destructive for even one’s own soul. Anger is the result of not being able accept the reality of a situation and operating the mind from an emotional state deficient of logic. Always have firm control over Anger.
  • If someone fear’s committing sin because of the fear of the wrath of God or believing that Karma will harm later, then that person’s innate nature is evil.
  • One’s happiness and sadness is the result of one’s luck in life.
  • Always content state of existence would have have brought limited to no desire, which in turn would have resulted in no suffering, thereby creating a permanent blissful state of existence, whose downside would have been that no spiritual awakening could have take place in humans. If humans would have remained only in the happy state, awareness of higher consciousness would not have been realized.
  • Feel the suffering and then learn to be detached.
  • Practice detachment. There is no bigger way to improve one’s life than by practicing detachment.
  • Poverty is a shackle made of Iron. Wealth is a shackle made of Gold. Both will not lead one towards true freedom. Detachment to worldly existence is liberation.
  • Don’t get sucked completely in the worldly life, which is an illusion that fools us into thinking it is all.
  • Once the mind gets sucked in solely pursuing worldly gains, various negative emotions like envy, anger and violence start having a stronger presence in the thought process. Detachment is the key to controlling these emotions.
  • Practice Detachment to your possessions, your location and even your loved ones. This will give you peace, and liberation from suffering.
  • Detachment to worldly existence is necessary. But, Love is an intense attachment. So be detached to the world first, and then at the same time be completely attached to your Loved ones. It seems contradictory, but it does not have to be in practice.
  • Renunciation and Detachment is the pathway to the highest consciousness.
  • Life is to be lived to the fullest. Detachment to existence, does not mean loosing the zest for life.
  • Live seriously without the seriousness.
  • The world can go to hell, yet don’t lose your inner peace.
  • It feels good when living under ignorance, until comes the greater pain of reality to be faced. So better to embrace reality as harsh as it maybe, and then learning to be detached to it. You are aware of everything but then you are indifferent.
  • The awakening is the realization of the temporal nature of existence, and this awakening takes the mind to a higher state to introspect further, till a complete enlightenment state is reached.
  • Enjoy the journey of life. Each day is to be lived with maximum joy. Life is today and right now.
  • While IQ and Consciousness are not the same, a Higher IQ allows for Higher Consciousness.
  • There are period of happiness and sadness in everyone’s life. Both are temporary and comes from being in a state of ignorance; the ignorance of forgetting the temporary nature of life. Seek bliss which will last the entire life.
  • All the decisions made in the past which were grounded in logic + higher consciousness state, where the right decisions made irrespective of its outcome and left behind no regret.
  • Chase success passionately with a dispassionate disposition.
  • One’s thoughts can poison one’s mind leading to misery or one’s thoughts can make life to be like living in heaven. Control your mind and your outlook to life, and you can shape your experience of life.
  • The intelligent can keep pondering over the meaning of life and existence, and still will have no answer. Life and universe is a mystery and will remain to be.
  • Life is not beautiful by default, rather it is an experience of suffering. However, life should deliberately be seen as being beautiful.
  • Life is now at this second. It is not in the bright future that you trying to create for yourself. Don’t miss out on life.
  • Life is an experience of consciousness between birth and death, where one experiences a level of suffering based on one ‘s luck.
  • The mind is a dangerous place. It makes or breaks one’s life. It is to a large extent a source of one’s happiness and misery. One who cannot maintain control over the mind will suffer more in life.

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