What is Love ?

  • Love is a biological compulsion for the superior genes. Love exists in nature so that the male and female stick together, to raise their offsprings. Parents who remain together for their offsprings, rather than abandoning them after birth, are pursuing a more successful reproduction strategy.
  • Love and Lust are two components of a relationship. When one exists less, the other has to compensate for it.
  • No one falls in Love with a Dark Triad mindset. No one can make the other fall in Love with the other having a Dark Triad mindset. Dark triad traits in both men and women creates sexual attraction but does NOT create Love. Love is Light Triad mode.
  • No one negotiate one’s self into love.
  • Lust is an emotion of lower spiritual consciousness than Love.
  • Love is a sacrifice and living for the other. LOVE is a submission to the other.
  • Love is not a virtue just like Lust, as both are just reproductive emotions that bind the soul to this world.
  • Love is one’s submission to the other, and thus necessitates nobility in a person to be capable of giving love.
  • Love is a natural gender equalizer in a complementary way. The woman submits to the man. The man dominates and submits to the woman. And with it, the woman is equal to the man.
  • Falling in Love is the meeting of traditional masculinity with traditional femininity.
  • Love is evolutionary selfishness in selflessness.
  • Lust exists to get a man and a woman to reproduce. Love exists, so that the couple remains together.
  • Love is sacrificial in nature and more so for men.
  • Love will cause suffering, and the end of Love is deep pain, which is guaranteed to come in the form of the inevitable death.

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