Health tips

  • Have – Some quantity of good quality cold pressed extra virgin fats of olive oil, coconut oil and ghee (clarified butter). Ghee > Butter Ghee is clarified butter, having milk solids layer removed, which means is healthy fat in limited quantity. It is also taste better, brings out the aroma of spices, can be heated at high flame, does not require salt for taste like butter does, & is medicinal food.
    • Reduce consumption of refined vegetable oil; Peanut oil is the best amongst all.
  • Avoid all the root vegetables. This is part of Jain diet.
    • Onion, Potato, Yam, Carrot, Turnip, Garlic, Sweet potato, Carrot
    • In addition to insulin spike, they affect the spiritual state of mind destroying higher consciousness.
    • Root veggies are full of starchy carbohydrates which converts into bad fats, during the digestion process. It is high glycemic, which means it raises blood sugar quickly and then later makes it fall fast, resulting in uneven energy, just like sugar high
  • Have a sense of detachment to existence for better mental health. Stress and Anxiety kills, so kill it before it kills you.
  • Have Almonds + Walnuts daily; improves Heart health.
  • Vitamin B sources : Green leafy vegetables + Milk products. Vegetarians need it.
  • Being overweight is not acceptable. Eat less and eat healthy.
  • Diet is way more important than exercise.
  • Reduce Carbs. Almonds + Walnuts are a good protein replacement for Wheat/Rice.
  • Don’t drink Juice (even natural and fresh as it is devoid of fiber and spikes insulin levels ), alcohol and soda. Drink water as it is the only liquid your body actually needs.
  • Reduce consumption of processed / packaged food, to near zero
  • Be Vegetarian.
  • Avoid letting go off the routine workout/exercise and following proper diet. It takes lots of motivation and rebuilding of discipline, to get back to a fitter state.
  • Lift + Jog
  • Don’t overuse your brain.
  • Soak in the sunlight as the body needs Vitamin D.
  • Hydrate yourself enough after waking up in morning.
  • Eat food primarily to stay alive and not for indulgence. It is the wrongful indulgence that brings misery in the form of health issues, weight gain and even robs mental alertness.
  • Reduce Sugar and Salt consumption.
  • Jaggery powder > Brown Sugar > White Sugar
  • High heat cooking destroys nutrients in food.
  • Fast regularly. Your digestive system needs break in between. Also, burns out the bad fats accumulated.
  • Cut down caffeine consumption to near zero levels. Caffeine – Tea, Coffee and Chocolate.
  • Food in itself is a medication. Eat the right food.
  • If the weather permits, go for an early morning walk
  • A good sleep is essential for proper rejuvenation. The duration and the quality of sleep, do matter. In 20s and 30s, 7 to 8 hrs is required. For the quality of sleep: Avoid caffeinated drinks especially after afternoon.

Have more of Low GI index foods.
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