An Introduction to the religion of the highest IQs

Jainism – an unknown religion by name to the world and which has contributed maximum to the civilization of humans, but is known unknowingly through it’s philosophy which been absorbed into other religions and cultures, and which has been left without getting its due credit and a strong identity of it’s own. Human civilization was a project of the Jains, and both the Eastern and Western civilization is the work of Jain race. Jain philosophy is manifested in diluted form as ancient Greek philosophy in the West, and gets manifested in diluted forms inside many other religions practiced in East.

Jainism – the world’s oldest original independent continuously practiced religion.

Ever wondered how the religion, culture, philosophy and spiritual understanding of the world’s most intelligent people would look like ? Welcome to Jainism – the religion of the Highest IQ community in the world (Jains have an average IQ of near 120)

Jainism has its main principle set in Ascetism, Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda, Non – violence, Multiplicity of viewpoint, Monogamy, Vegetarianism( Jain diet), Environmentalism, Non – belief in a creator God, Meditation, Extreme compassion for all life forms etc, all of which points to the work of a HIGH IQ population who could have originated these concepts, along with the requirement of having a High IQ to find acceptance of such beliefs. Unrelated, such traits also tend to be found in the highest IQ individuals around the world spread across different cultures and locations on Earth, further adding to the proof of extremely high IQ of Jains. Jain race underwent maximum human evolution and Jains have the highest concentration of billionaires in the world and The Indus valley civilization is the work of the Jains, with Indus valley civilization being the most advanced civilization of the ancient world.

It is normal to feel anxious about the state and the direction the society is taking, and the world which is consequently decaying and rotting spiritually. A depressive mindset gets created along with challenges that the decay brings, and this needs to be mitigated, which is were Jainism steps in. Jainism has been developed in a way to continuously live in the best blissful way possible in the decaying time cycle of humanity, which Jains understand as the Cosmic Cycle of Time, making understanding the philosophy of Jainism to be a path to a better life.

Jain philosophy has got absorbed into Hinduism & has given birth to Buddhism, and to all Greek philosophies like Stoicism. Jainism resides inside of Hinduism, Buddhism and Greek philosophies as diluted form.

Is Jainism 100 % scientific ? No, since there are beliefs in Jainism and beliefs do not have to be true. There is the concept of Hell, Heaven and Reincarnation. Jainism has made up stories and is required as such to keep a community in the best consciousness state of existence, as not everyone has good consciousness as an innate trait, or is able to grasp the wisdom originating without a religious structure and customs in culture, or that a person cannot maintain detachment and other virtues properly, without a religious structure.

Jainism is the best ideology and belief system ever created and Jainism’s core beliefs are the most sophisticated philosophies and wisdom ever understood by humans, which has resulted in creation of the most evolved culture. Jainism is the oldest organized religion, and is based on ascetism and complete renunciation from worldly life, and from where the concept of Karma and Moksha originates from. The Swastika is a Jain symbol which is used to to represent Jainism, and from where it originated from. The Jain mind is the most compassionate mind having compassion for all living forms including vegetation. Minimum damage to others and to environment for one’s survival is the belief of Jainism. Jainism is the only religion which has environmentalism as its principle, and understands climate change – the crisis which we will have to suffer.

Jainism’s wisdom has been passed on wonderfully through thousands of year, through the use of Tirthankaras over time by Jain forefathers. Jains trace their religious ideas to tirthankaras (gurus) who guide Jains in the cycles of time. One of the earliest mentioned Tirthankara of Jainism is of the previous cycle of time of Jainism, who is named as Tirthankar Samprati and lived in the range 3500 B. C – 3000 B.C. The second earliest Tirthankara of Jainism mentioned is Rushabdev of the current cosmic cycle of time who lived around 2500 B.C. There are 23 Tirthankaras after Rushabdev in the current cosmic cycle of time with the last two of the current time cycle being Parshvanatha who lived around 900 B.C and Mahavir who lived around 600 B.C. The dates are approximation by me, based on the Jain literature and on understanding history of Indus valley civilization. The point of having 24 tirthankars over the current time, is to pass on the message of human evolution, the history of Jains and humans through time, and understand that spiritual consciousness comes and is lost in cycles which is explained by Jain cosmology – which being the reason for Jainism to be considered as an eternal religion. Hence, Jainism is an eternal religion because Jains believe that the universe has always existed and will continue to exist in the future, with their being no God as a creator, and that human consciousness comes and goes in a cycle of time leading to the creation and destruction of Jain state of mind, and hence Jainism.

Jainism was the religion of the Indus Valley Civilization (3300 – c. 1300 BCE) making it the first organized religion of India and the world. India was called as ‘Bharat’ and is still referred as such in its native tongue, is named after the son of 1st Tirthankar of Jainism of the current cosmic cycle– RushabdevBharat can be considered as the 1st prominent ruler of India, and there was no other organized religion present in India before his rule. Jains are majorly the descendants of the Indus valley people and so can be considered as a separate caste – community. I say majorly because intelligent members of other communities/tribes had later converted to Jainism, many of which had foreign origins and got added to the Jain gene stock. Jainism attempts to take back Jains to a life of Indus valley civilization time, when conflicts were few, and people lived a more content life which was less materialistic. Jainism has been designed as such to live through the decaying ages of time.

Jainism does not believe in god as the creator and rather seeks that its followers become more ‘god – like’ , which is attained by being more ascetic i.e DETACHED to worldly existence. The Jain Tirthankaras are considered as the ‘liberated souls’ who attained Moksha, and are worshipped as role models that Jains look upto to, so as to end their suffering. Complete detachment meaning total renunciation of worldly life is the highest goal of Jainism, which being the life of a Jain monk. Jainism is an ideology that trains the mind to hack and override the programming of existence, and with it comes the liberation from existential pain, leaving more bliss in one’s life till alive. The word ‘Jain’ means a warrior. A Jain is a warrior who continuously fights his/her emotions and through which establishes firm control over them, and thereby becomes a spiritually grounded person whose mind operates on Logic.

Jain philosophy has main tenants as follows:-

  1. Non – violence
  2. Multiplicity of Truth
  3. Non – Stealing
  4. Celibacy / Monogamy
  5. Non – possessiveness

Following Jain philosophy leads to the highest form of spiritual liberty that humans can achieveas Jainism takes human consciousness to the highest state possible for humans.

Practicing Jainism results in reduced human suffering, and makes life to be a better experience to the senses when alive.

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