The state of the economy

If you are not actively working to stay afloat, you will sink due to the economy.

  1. High inflation
  2. Recession and zero economic growth
  3. Job cuts and stagnant pay
  4. High rent / mortgage payment
  5. Job eliminations due to M&A and Automation
  6. Businesses elimination due to ESG goals being pursued.

The era of having a career is over

Why ?

ESG goals being pursued by corporates for climate change action. This includes use of Artificial intelligence which will impact jobs.

Those who cannot adjust their income source to sustainability goals should consider becoming a monk as they anyway don’t have any future.

Microsoft + Google + Apple + Meta + Amazon remains the best of companies set for the near future. Digital space operations, monopolies and invested in artificial intelligence.

Dying retail sector

Retail jobs and businesses will continue to perish. You haven’t already moved to e – commerce, then you have been losing. Amazon and Shopify are doing well. Amazon would have been a good company as an stock investor and as an employee till now. Shopify for those who have small retail business in niche category; to be successfully transitioned and be future ready.

End for mutual funds

The era of holding mutual funds is over. Since the last 3 years, people have transitioned to being direct stock investors and have benefitted tremendously. Online trading companies have been in the right space.

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