The Jain origins of Greek philosophy and Western Civilization

‘Western Civilization’ has its origins strongly influenced by Jains through the absorption of Jainism in ancient Greek, and with having ancient Greek being considered as the microcosm of Western civilization.

Jain were named as ‘Gymnosophists’ by Greeks.

Seneca, Marcus Aurelius and Plato preached diluted Jainism.

Stoicism is diluted, incomplete and led astray form of Jainism.

Pythagoras of Pythagoras theorem was a Jain convert and he practiced Jainism around 550 B.C.

Jains have influenced Greeks since 650 B.C and later on with the invasion of Alexander to India, and the stationing of Greeks in India, the philosophy of Jainism and Buddhism (Diluted Jainism) flowed back to Greece, and contributed to the believed Western civilization. Alexander had taken one Jain saint, Calanes with him back to Greece. He had encountered Jains in the Indus river base.

Hellenistic philosophy is also strongly influenced by Jainism.

Jainism had a presence extending to middle east in the ancient world.

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This article answers the following :

  • Characteristics of Greek philosophy
  • Famous Greek philosophers
  • How did Greek philosophy influence Western civilization?
  • Is Greek philosophy Western philosophy?

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