Become Future ready

Become Future ready. The world is heading towards becoming a Sustainable one. You want to emerge as a winner in this transition, when most are going to sink, and the rest have already given. Prepare for the tough life in 2030 AD & beyond, using this article.

The below image is the ‘Supposed’ representation of the goals of United Nations and World leaders as ‘Presented’.

Now, consider the reality –

  • Overpopulation and Climate change are serious issues causing massive problems, along with the solutions that have been put in action to contain them – the Social and Economic engineering having taken place to reduce birth rates and the transition to sustainable economy – Digital economy and Clean energy, while cutting down on old economy.
  • Economic growth is permanently over and the cost of living is increasing.
  • Traditional culture will be completely lost in the coming decades to be completely replaced by liberalism for reduced birth rates.
  • Mental depression is worsening.
  • When people around you are choosing to be childless or bringing only 1 child and then raising them poorly, then the question arises whether the culture and environment is suitable ? Raising a child means needing a support network – family members and community members are helpful. With the atomized society, will others be able to help you? Family structure has been destroyed through feminism.
  • Life expectancy is dropping with the passing generations.
  • Violence and crime is increasing.
  • Civilization is dying off at a fast rate and freedom is being lost.

How to live in a worsening world and succeed ? Read the below pointers and be prepared for the life in future.

  • Get to a superior consciousness by learning it here to be able to handle the incoming worsening times and be able to maintain good mental health.
  • Be in relevant careers. The best career choice now is to become a Sustainability consultant. A sustainability consultant works within environmental discipline which explores the ways in which human activity and the environment can interact to meet the needs of today without jeopardizing the future. Sustainability is built on three pillars – economic, social, and governance – each of which is important. Many of these jobs are for business development. Get a bachelors in environmental science and be future ready.
  • Be invested in right stocks for wealth retention, creation and dividend income. For American markets – Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Meta, Walmart, American Express, Tesla, Nvidia are some good stocks to hold.
  • Keep your liberal family members at a distance. You are not obligated with maintaining close relationship with them. Same goes for toxic family members.
  • At the global level, the patriarchs responsible for human civilization are tiny and in countable numbers. Rest all humans are the beneficiaries of these few intelligent patriarch and have been living in their civilization. Without the patriarchal culture of intelligent patriarchs, everyone exists more so in their natural animalistic state. A person in the post modern liberal society is mostly reflecting on their true inner state, even after taking into account the conformist influences. The masses are destroyers of civilization. Because patriarchy is not going to come back in society for a long while, it has to be recreated for one’s self and lived in its bubble because Karma has its own way of dealing.
  • Without higher moral values, humans become destructive and evil, which contributes to the rise in sociopathy, and eventually the rise in misery.
    • Unemployed youth + Moral decay = more crimes happening.
    • Learn to read strangers in public like your life depends on it. Live life pretending to be a lawyer and a politician- being Machiavillain to the extreme.
  • It is a Boomer’s world and we are living in it. Outcompete Boomers on selfishness. Look forward towards inherting wealth and be shameless with it.
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  • Have a successful marriage using this guide.
  • Improve your health as life expectancy drops.
  • The post modern society requires one to be self centered, cunning and street smart. These are times of extreme low trust.
  • Arrogance is a negative quality but which is required to be controllably used in the present uncivilized times. No one likes an arrogant person though.

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