The website is based off Jainism and looks at it Atheistically.

Those who have higher consciousness have an intuition that the end of times is here. There is a growing discomfort with the rise of evil, decline of moral values, overpopulation, climate change, zero economic growth and loss of civilizational values, bringing to a state of depression and a poor quality of life. How to live blissfully knowing the world is becoming a worst place to live in ? How to succeed in an emerging new world ? If you have landed on my website then consider yourself blessed, as I could be of help to you and navigate you towards living a better life in such decaying times. This website teaches ways to navigate through the post modern society and emerge better than others. Please leave this website if it offends your senses, and which not being my intention, and that this website is against hate for anyone. This website includes paid articles to go through. I also provide consulting services.

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