Those men and women who have higher consciousness have an intuition that the end of times is here. There is a growing discomfort with the rise of ‘evil’, decline of moral values and the increasing liberal lies and degeneracy that has been taking over, combined with corporatism and cronyism, fueling wealth inequality. There is also a real issue of climate change which has to be tackled. This all brings to a state of depression and a poor quality of life to live by for everyone.

Why is this change happening? How to live blissfully knowing the world is becoming a worst place to live in? How to survive better in decayed times ? People are searching for answers and if you have landed on my website then consider yourself blessed, as I could be of help to you and navigate you towards living a better life in such decaying times.

My understanding has been influenced by the philosophy of Jainism and is my interpretation of Jainism from its aesthetic, logical and scientific view. This website teaches ways to navigate through the post modern society and emerge better than others. This website defends Love, Traditional relationship and marriage. This website acknowledges climate change and the threat which it presents to human life.

Please leave this website if it offends your senses, and which not being my intention.

There are paid articles to go through and I also provide consulting service. This website is for the intelligent people who are capable of free thinking. This website is strictly against hate for anyone, and maintains compassion for all.

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