Best career choices for young women

The best career choice for young women is to become Sustainability consultant. A sustainability consultant works within environmental discipline which explores the ways in which human activity and the environment can interact to meet the needs of today without jeopardizing the future. Sustainability is built on three pillars – economic, social, and governance – eachContinue reading “Best career choices for young women”

The Jain origins of Greek philosophy and Western Civilization

‘Western Civilization’ has its origins strongly influenced by Jains through the absorption of Jainism in ancient Greek, and with having ancient Greek being considered as the microcosm of Western civilization. Jain were named as ‘Gymnosophists’ by Greeks. Seneca, Marcus Aurelius and Plato preached diluted Jainism. Stoicism is diluted, incomplete and led astray form of Jainism.Continue reading “The Jain origins of Greek philosophy and Western Civilization”

An Introduction to the religion of the highest IQs

Jainism – an unknown religion by name to the world and which has contributed maximum to the civilization of humans, but is known unknowingly through it’s philosophy which been absorbed into other religions and cultures, and which has been left without getting its due credit and a strong identity of it’s own. Human civilization wasContinue reading “An Introduction to the religion of the highest IQs”