Learn femininity through videos

For her feminine charm – Learn feminine charm from Raveena in 90s movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuQMdLveulc&ab_channel=UltraBollywood Neha looked so cute : Aishwarya Rai is alright here – The 90’s Ash will never return back – Manisha defines purity and a woman more in tune with nature – Bhagyashree for the homely trad woman – Mayuri forContinue reading “Learn femininity through videos”

Date to Marry tips for Men

The right woman thinks from the point of giving rather than receiving. She should be deserving of your ‘Love’. She should be looking for the marriage and not the wedding. Understand her past as she tries to understand your future. Amongst other things, a woman falls in love with a man’s ability to create andContinue reading “Date to Marry tips for Men”