The Countdown to Net Zero

The exciting transition to Net Zero is on the way. Renewable energy will make up for the majority of enery source in the future.

Best Career choice for young Women

The best career choice for women now is to become a Sustainability consultant. A sustainability consultant works within environmental discipline which explores the ways in which human activity and the environment can interact to meet the needs of today without jeopardizing the future. Sustainability is built on three pillars – economic, social, and governance –Continue reading “Best Career choice for young Women”

Learn to be a High Value Woman

Pointers to learning traditional femininity and becoming a better woman – Get to having a superior mind here. ©2023 by CosmicWheelOfTime Note : I don’t own any of these pictures and they have been taken from internet through search maintaining fair use policy and that they are of known faces. If I have by mistakeContinue reading “Learn to be a High Value Woman”