Visuals – Wife materials

Wife material. Not the best but ok. Negative : Seems neurotic. 2. Perfect wife material. Her face is enough to reflect on it, and nothing more needs to be said. 3. Perfect wife material : Calm, composed and grounded + Fun loving + Shy + Emotionally bonding and having urge to have children + appearsContinue reading “Visuals – Wife materials”

Parenting tips for Fathers

A man should never allow for a situation to arise, wherein his wife or children don’t respect him. Don’t smack your children. A monster grows later. Learn to discipline them, without beating them. Keep an eye on your daughters and protect them from the outside influences. It is impossible for a mother to raise aContinue reading “Parenting tips for Fathers”

Why are Jains so intelligent ?

Jains have the highest IQ for any race having undergone maximum human evolution. The IQ of Jains is about 120 considering that most of them are in high earning professions like being a doctor or being a good entrepreneur etc and by their significant presence in top universities like IIT in India and Stanford inContinue reading “Why are Jains so intelligent ?”

What is Patriarchy ?

Patriarchy is derived from the word ‘Paternal’ which means fatherly. As a Patriarch, men take responsibility for the welfare of women, and in turn women trust men to look after their interests. It should not be in any way be a source of abuse or wrongful domination by men. It is leadership role for men.Continue reading “What is Patriarchy ?”

Visuals – Figure out a man

Stay away from an innate narcissist. Ungrounded women are attracted to the narcissist man. 2. This man’s depiction as a criminal extrudes ‘Dark Triad Traits’ with an extremely high psychopathy score. Women not spiritually grounded or liberal, are attracted to such men. Stay away from such men. 3. Mark Wiens, who is the most popularContinue reading “Visuals – Figure out a man”

Visuals – Figure out a woman

1. Go over the pictures of wife materials. 2. Reject the Dark Triad seductress. LIGHT TRIAD woman Versus DARK TRIAD woman. Observe below : Type 1. Naturally feminine, Light Triad pretty woman. Type 2. Naturally feminist, Dark Triad Seductress Light Triad Woman ( Wife Material ) V/S Dark Triad Woman Identify the Dark Triad Seductress.Continue reading “Visuals – Figure out a woman”

Learn to be a Sensual woman

Be Sensual sometimes. Sensual = Seductive + Feminine + Cute Sensuality lacks vulgarity. Note: I don’t own any of these pictures and they have been taken from the internet for representational purpose maintaining fair use policy* . If I have by mistake used a copyrighted image, then please contact me so that I can removeContinue reading “Learn to be a Sensual woman”