Cryptocurrency is a wrong hope

Cryptocurrency is a wrong hope for those who see no bright financial future for themselves and want to believe that it will make them rich. Don’t waste your time with Crypto and NFT and such.

Sustainable development goals

There has been a growing world population and its resultant effect – climate change. Climate change should rightly be the priority, and not economic growth which has been coming off through destroying environment. Environmental concerns should always be at the forefront of human activities. Climate change is a serious issue with having the environment been gettingContinue reading “Sustainable development goals”

Vegetarian diet for climate change

Vegetarians contribute less to carbon footprints, and hence shifting to a vegetarian diet is a good idea. It is good for the animals too, as they don’t get abused, and that meat is also harmful to health. A diet of Lentils, Beans, Milk, Wheat, Nuts provides superior quality of proteins. Milk is an essential foodContinue reading “Vegetarian diet for climate change”

Stocks to invest

Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Adobe, ADP, Twitter are the corporations that have benefitted from digitalization. Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft have even benefitted from being in a more online space relatively. Shopify has struggled because it caters to small businesses – a dying sector, and that an online marketplace already exists with Amazon. No for EbayContinue reading “Stocks to invest”

What is Love ?

Love is a biological compulsion for the superior genes. Love exists in nature so that the male and female stick together, to raise their offsprings. Parents who remain together for their offsprings, rather than abandoning them after birth, are pursuing a more successful reproduction strategy. Love and Lust are two components of a relationship. WhenContinue reading “What is Love ?”

Learn to be a Traditional Woman

Note : I don’t own any of these pictures and they have been taken from internet through search maintaining fair use policy and that they are of known faces. If I have by mistake used a copyright image, then please contact me so that I can remove it promptly. Pointers to learning Traditional femininity andContinue reading “Learn to be a Traditional Woman”

Learn to be a Traditional Man

Pointers to learning traditional masculinity and becoming a better man – Be calm and take time to react A man’s ambition should be overcoming obstacles and negative experiences faced in his life, to find greater success. Maturity brings a sense of seriousness in a man. Entertaining degeneracy weakens a man, and makes him a slaveContinue reading “Learn to be a Traditional Man”